Why Do Doctors Need Social Media Marketing?

Why Do Doctors Need Social Media Marketing?
Dr Josh November 25, 2021 Marketing

In today’s world, traditional marketing has to be consolidated with modern-day marketing tools, like digital marketing. A key area of healthcare digital marketing is social media marketing, which has proven to be an excellent tool for putting budding practices on the map. Social media marketing for doctors is not only an excellent tool to spread the word about new practices, but it is also a great way to engage with your audience. Doctors need social media solutions in today’s day and age if they want to make an impact. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Linkedin, to connect with your target audience to build your brand, increase website traffic and increase sales. A key part of social media marketing is putting out excellent content on the profile you have set up, engaging with the people that follow your account, listening to the audience, running social media advertisements, and analyzing the output of your efforts. 

Why is Social Media Marketing for Doctors Important?

Successful medical practices are centered around communication. Patients are inquisitive. They usually have hundreds of questions about their symptoms, diseases, disorders, and conditions – some of which are borne out of curiosity, and more often than not, questions are a result of suffering from a malady. The internet is not a reliable alternative in this case sometimes, because doctors have been trained to break down conditions and illnesses in ways they can be understood. Content available online can be full of jargon and technical terms that common people don’t understand. 

Therefore, many patients rely on their doctors to provide the answers to their questions. Thus, there is a need for a medium that enables such a level of communication, like social media. Social media is essential for equal and engaging communication between doctors and their patients. 

Social media marketing is a time-consuming activity that also requires a great deal of effort. You need to have an active team that regularly posts new content and interacts with patients. Putting in this effort can pay off in a big way, as we have discussed below:

The Need for Social Media Solutions for Doctors:

Interacting with patients

Social media for doctors has the excellent benefit of providing them with the opportunity to connect with their patients. With the use of social media, doctors can keep their patients informed about the latest services they are offering. 

In addition, they can share any discounts they have, such as student discounts or discounts for specific months or breast cancer awareness months. In addition, the physician can use social media to inform their patients about their office hours, times when they can simply walk in and have a chat or you can inform the patients if you are going to be away for the holidays and who is filling in for you. 

When you have an active social media presence, your medical practice remains at the top of your patient’s mind. And this can increase the amount of business you may receive from existing clients. You can also use social media to send out reminders to your audience, such as a reminder to get a flu shot when it’s flu season or reminding your patients to come in for their annual wellness checks. 

The power of social media in retaining existing patients is unparalleled, as it also shows patients that you are a helpful practitioner who cares about their health. Having direct contact brings you and your patient closer, and makes it less likely that they will consider going to someone else for their check-ups. 

Information and thoughts

Social media marketing plays important role in digital marketing for doctors. Social media marketing for therapists is an excellent way to drive conversations about mental health. While this is true for this niche, it applies to all medical fields. A key way to bring consistent traffic to your website is to post on your social media profile whenever you add a new blog post or article to your website. 

Your patients will remain engaged continuously, even if some pieces on your social media profiles aren’t available in other places. You must post useful content that increases the awareness of your practice, the field you specialize in, common diseases and treatments, etc. 

Furthermore, you can create a presence for your medical practice by joining existing conversations in groups on Linkedin. You can also run hashtags on Twitter where you ask patients to share their stories, or you can create a profile for question and answer websites like Reddit and Quora, and reply to queries and contribute to the discussion taking place there, while also directing them to your website. Physicians and social media can be an unstoppable force if the cards are played right. 

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