VSee vs thera-LINK vs SmartClinix

How do you decide which digital healthcare solution is the best for your practice? Below you can compare VSee and thera-LINK with our very own SmartClinix and make the decision for yourself

Which is the Best Telemedicine Platform?

Looking to invest in a telemedicine platform for your clinic? We’ve vetted these platforms by the doctors of American Telephysicians so that you can make your decision. 

Comparing SmartClinix vs. VSee vs. thera-LINK

Below is a table that showcases the strong points of each of the telemedicine platforms

Top Features SmartClinix VSee Thera-link
Clinics & Hospitals
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
HIPAA Compliance & Encrypted Chats
e-Presciption Service
Telemedicine Tools - Advanced
Customizable Virtual Waiting Room
Comprehensive Practice Management
Advanced Technology Integration (e.g., Handwriting Recognition, Voice Recognition)
Multi-Location and Multi-Provider Support
Pricing - Entry-Level Plan $149/month $29/month $30/month
Pricing - Advanced Plan $299/month Not specified $45/month

Top Reasons to Go with SmartClinix Over VSee & thera-LINK

An All-In-One Healthcare Solution

Unlike VSee and thera-LINK, SmartClinix is driven to reimagine the modern world of digital healthcare.

With an easy to use interface and the ability to provide countless telemedicine services at the click of a button, the platform is driven to adapt and help with all patient monitoring and practice related services.

Increase your revenue by upto 25% instantly. With pricing plans that fit your budget and practice running services, you can’t go wrong with it. This can include advanced scheduling, electronic health records (EHR) integration, customizable workflows, and more comprehensive communication tools.

Integration with Other Platforms

We’ve made SmartClinix the pinnacle of healthcare with integration services that virtually serve every single EHR/EMR around. If you want to take advantage of SmartClinix while keeping your current EMR System, our platform blends in seamlessly with it (as seen above with Google Calendar for your appointments). 

Whether you’re running Athena or Kareo for your clinic/hospital anywhere in the United States, our integration with these EHRs is seamless, easy and affective.


We leave the decision to choose the right Telehealth Platform for your needs to you. With VSee, thera-LINK and SmartClinix all providing valuable offers and services to their potential customers, choosing what best fits your needs is something we will always be promoting as a healthcare organization. 


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