Virtual Medical Assistant

Focus on your Practice & leave all the administrative tasks to our virtual medical assistant starting from $10/Hour

More Time For Practice

You’ve been trained to practice and provide your patients with the best healthcare services possible. In fact, you are skilled at it.

However, the problem is you only have so many hours in a day. You can’t spend your precious time on your patients and practice because you have to deal with all the non-practice tasks.

With SmartClinix well-trained virtual assistant, you could transfer all the non-practice tasks to them and focus wholeheartedly on your practice – the thing you love the most.


Happier Patients. Exponential Growth.

Patients appreciate when their provider spends more time with them, listens to them, and provides personalized solutions.

But unfortunately, that’s not the norm. Providers are rushing from practice to administrative tasks to bookkeeping and back to practice. This rushing is visible in the care patients are receiving.

A medical virtual assistant could take all the extracurricular tasks and leave you with the time and energy to provide the care that your patients desire.

Our Medical Virtual Assistance Handle Your Tasks For You

Our Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Administrative Tasks

While you take care of patients, our virtual assistant will take calls, reply to emails, and do all the administrative tasks like medical billing services for your practice

Virtual EMR Services

Our virtual assistant will help manage your EMR efficiently, so you glide through everything and spend more time with your patients.

Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is essential but also time-consuming. Let our virtual assistant do it for you.

Appointment Management

With our virtual assistant, you’ll get to schedule appointments, give reminders, and proactively remain in touch with your patients – without doing anything yourself.

Patient Database Management

Our virtual assistants will collect, maintain, and update the patient database for accurate diagnosis and treatments.

Smart Virtual Medical Assistants

All our virtual assistants are trained to provide bespoke services to physicians and help them manage their offices.

Starting from just $10/Hour, we're confident in our ability to provide medical assistant services online to a variety of different practices and hospitals throughout United States.
So contact us today if you want to enhance your practice efficiency and save time for yourself.

virtual medical assistant services

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