Virtual Care Platform with Telemedicine & EMR Integration

Manage everything in one place with our easy-to-use virtual care platform in the United States

SmartClinix Virtual Care Platform manages Your Practice for You

Want more freedom to manage your practice and your patients with ease while increasing your revenue? With SmartClinix full telemedicine & EMR integration, your custom virtual care platform helps you manage your patients and practice in one easy swoop.

From patients’ point of view, Our EMR integrated website gives them an opportunity to learn about services you have to offer, book consultations, and get online consultations. In addition, patients can get virtual portal, that they can log into directly from your website, and easily review all the relevant information.

For a physician, everything is available on a single, custom platform. You will have a more organized practice by default. Integrated SmartClinix EMR, equipped with Telemedicine, makes your website a complete tool to provide better care and carry out daily tasks without switching from platform to platform.

Providing Virtual Care Platforms For

_Physsicians 528x544


Ideal solution for physicians who want to grow their practice without thinning themselves out. Everything, from telemedicine platform to practice management tools, is just a click away.

Hospitals 538x566


A custom website with custom EMR integration makes for the best practice experience. Online scheduling and tools that fit your workflows help deliver better health seamlessly.

Specialty Clinics 538x4545

Specialty Clinics

Every specialty has different requirements. A custom-built website with tailored telemedicine & online scheduling integration can help streamline the practice and improve patient care journey.

Enhanced Patient Experience

with a Custom Medical Practice Website

To grow your practice, you need to make it visible to potential patients. A custom practice website is the easiest way to showcase your website in the best possible light. You can have the functionality you require, the design that fits your vision, and an experience that your patients prefer.

Our medical practice website development team collaborates with you, understands your vision, jots down your requirements, and delivers a website that actually meets your requirements.

Integrate to that the SmartClinix EMR & Telemedicine Platform, and you have a powerful tool that can take your practice to new virtual heights.

Population Health Management

Smartclinix’s incorporation of Population Health Management not only strengthens preventive care but also optimizes resource allocation within the healthcare system. Through the identification of high-risk populations, healthcare providers can take a proactive approach by engaging with patients through virtual care. This allows for the implementation of preventive measures, personalized interventions, and the dissemination of health education. Simultaneously, the strategic deployment of virtual care to address specific health needs within targeted populations ensures a more efficient and focused healthcare delivery system. These enhancements underscore smartclinix’s commitment to not only improving patient outcomes but also to the effective utilization of resources for a more streamlined and impactful healthcare approach.

Our Complete EMR Integrate Virtual Care Platform Solutions

The SmartClinix EMR, with all its functionalities, is baked into your website/virtual care platform, resulting in a platform that’s equally patient and practice friendly.

Not just online scheduling

Your patients get a complete experience. They can check your availability, schedule their appointment, and even pay online without having to switch to another tab.

Provide care from anywhere

SmartClinix EMR integration comes with a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform so you can provide consultations to your patients remotely.

Dedicated portal for your patients

The Patient Portal is always just a click away, allowing patients to get what they need, without going through excessive steps.

Your whole practice in your palm

With a suite of features like e-charting & prescriptions, custom memberships, messaging, notifications, among others – you have everything you need to run your practice efficiently.

Complete Virtual Care Ecosystems

Our virtual care portals provide seamless interconnectivity between different healthcare sectors, creating complete virtual care ecosystems. Hospitals can expand their services; facilities can start new programs; physicians can grow their practices –everything’s possible with SmartClinix.


Direct Primary Care practices can get custom membership plans and a secure online payment gateway.

Concierge practices can give services a premium feel with a user-friendly website and convenient telemedicine.

Groups of physicians can benefit from a custom-built website and EMR that fits their workflows.

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