Virtual Care Management Platform

Professional Virtual Care Management for Your Patients with SmartClinix

What is Virtual Care Management?

Virtual Care Management is also known as telehealth or telemedicine. It refers to the use of digital technologies, communication tools, and information technology to deliver healthcare services remotely. It involves the exchange of medical information through electronic communication to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and management of various health conditions.

SmartClinix Virtual care management platform encompasses a wide range of services including remote consultations between healthcare providers and patients, remote monitoring, telemedicine, digital health platforms, remote mental health services, and e-prescribing services to name a few.

Our Virtual Care Management Services

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Remote patient monitoring devices are specialized devices like blood pressure monitors, glucometers, or pulse oximeters which can be used to measure specific health parameters. Patients can use these devices at home and the data is transmitted electronically to healthcare providers for monitoring.

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SmartClinix’s Virtual care management often involves regular video or audio consultations between patients and healthcare providers. These allow healthcare professionals to assess patient conditions remotely.

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SmartClinix’s EMR allows healthcare providers to access and review a patient’s medical history, test results, and treatment plans remotely. This information provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s health status. With flexible pricing and 24/7 support, we believe we’ve got the perfect online practice management tool for you

Benefits of Virtual Care Management

Increased Access to Healthcare Service

Our Virtual care platform enables patients to access healthcare services from any location, overcoming geographical barriers. This is especially beneficial for individuals in remote or underserved areas. Patients no longer need to travel long distances to healthcare facilities saving time and reducing the financial and physical burden associated with transportation.

Convenience & Flexibility

Virtual care management provides flexibility in scheduling appointments, allowing patients to receive care outside traditional office hours. Patients can often secure virtual appointments more quickly than in-person visits which saves their time and energy.

Cost Savings

virtual care reduces the need for transportation, parking, or time off work. Remote monitoring and virtual consultations can prevent unnecessary emergency room visits reducing healthcare costs.

Timely Interventions

Remote monitoring of patients allows healthcare providers to detect changes in health conditions early, enabling timely interventions and preventing complications. Virtual care supports continuous monitoring of chronic conditions leading to better management and reduced hospital admissions.

Enhances Communication & Coordination

Virtual care enhances communication and coordination among different healthcare providers and also ensures seamless sharing of patient information improving continuity of care.

Virtual care empowers patients in a way that they can access educational materials and resources through virtual platforms, enhancing their understanding of health conditions and treatment plans. Virtual care minimizes the risk of exposure to infectious diseases making it a valuable tool during public health crises such as pandemics.

Virtual care not only is beneficial for patients but it also improves efficiency for providers. It helps ensure smooth administrative processes and appointment scheduling optimizing the workflow for healthcare providers. 

Complete Virtual Care Ecosystems

Our virtual care portals provide seamless interconnectivity between different healthcare sectors, creating complete virtual care ecosystems. Hospitals can expand their services; facilities can start new programs; physicians can grow their practices –everything’s possible with SmartClinix.


Direct Primary Care practices can get custom membership plans and a secure online payment gateway.

Concierge practices can give services a premium feel with a user-friendly website and convenient telemedicine.

Groups of physicians can benefit from a custom-built website and EMR that fits their workflows.

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