The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Dentists

The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Dentists
Dr Josh November 5, 2021 Marketing

Healthcare digital marketing for doctors and dentists is extremely important. All businesses need to make their mark on the world and let their presence be known. Everyone starting a new dental practice needs to think of how they will attract new customers. Will they stick to advertisements in newspapers or on the radio? Or will they embrace new niches such as dental internet marketing and dental social media marketing? 

The importance of Digital Marketing For Dentists is higher than before, as your growth as a practice may suffer if you are not doing enough. First, this article will talk about what digital marketing for doctors is, and then this article will break down why you need to switch over to digital marketing immediately. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses the internet and online-based technologies to promote products and services. It involves advertising through digital channels like search engines, email, mobile applications, and social media. According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes above 3.5 billion searches per day – and this most likely includes people searching for a dentist in their local area. Therefore, it is highly unreasonable to miss out on current and prospective clients by missing out on this niche. 

However, dentist digital marketing is not just about spreading your reach far and wide. It is also about curating a specific presence and delivering the right message for each individual. Digital marketing has a unique sensibility in the sense that it allows you to target specific clients and client segments. And when you know who you are aiming for, you can hit the nail right on the head by delivering an effective message. 

The Importance of Dentist Digital Marketing 

There are several reasons why digital marketing has grown so popular: 

  1. Digital Marketing has quicker returns: 

If you have a big marketing budget, it is advisable for you to reach all your prospective clients from a range of different channels. The traditional options, such as the radio and TV have a definite impact on increasing awareness of your practice. 

However, it may not have a direct and immediate positive outcome in terms of revenue at your dental practice. This is because you will be paying to reach thousands of people across the city but there is only a small subsection of the population actually looking for a dentist. 

Therefore, the money goes towards increasing brand awareness instead of reining in new customers. However, when you opt for a dental SEO expert to curate the right blend of dental internet marketing for you, you are paying to reach just one person at a time. 

Your dental SEO expert curates phrases to create bids on specific search phrases that a person looking for a practice like yours will use. This will draw in more customers, and you only pay when someone clicks on the advertisement. Therefore, dentist digital marketing will have an immediate effect on your revenue generation. 

  1. Digital Marketing reduces marketing costs: 

The cost of digital marketing is much, much lower than traditional mediums of marketing. Dental social media marketing costs next to nothing in front of traditional mediums. WebFX reports that the cost of running a tv advertisement for 30 seconds is $342,000 and the cost of a newspaper ad is $113,000. 

In contrast, running pay-per-click advertising costs 0.05$ to $3 per qualified visitor. In addition, search engine optimization and web content marketing for medical marketing for doctors can be nearly free of cost if dealt with deftly. 

  1. Higher Returns of Investment: 

Building on the last point, as a result of going digital and opting for dental internet marketing, returns of investment will be greater because of reduced cost. You are only paying a few cents per lead instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to put an advertisement in the newspaper. The difference between money spent will increase the profit margin significantly. 

  1. Pinpoint Targeting and Enhanced Relevance: 

If you have conducted the correct dental SEO search and come up with a well-planned digital marketing campaign for social media, you can target a potential patient excellently. There are several things you can do with digital marketing:

  • Use display advertising to increase the awareness of your new practices amongst people who visit local news websites
  • Use dental social media marketing to curate a series of well-thought posts that can help increase awareness amongst people. This can include sharing dental tips with them and doing a myth buster series on Instagram. You can also conduct live sessions to answer FAQs. 
  • Share new services on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use marketing automation as reminders for patients who haven’t paid a visit in a long time

Given that you can target different people with a variety of messages, you stay relevant to people who see them.

Dr Josh

Dr. Josh is a physician who's helping spread the knowledge about Telehealth and its advantages. At SmartClinix, he's providing his expertise and knowledge in the form of engaging articles on various health & tech related topics.

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