What Is The Best Patient Management Software For Doctors?

What Is The Best Patient Management Software For Doctors?
Dr Josh November 10, 2021 Telemedicine

The expectations of patients today are different from what they were years ago. Patients demand more from their healthcare professionals, expecting high-quality holistic care – they really want to feel that their doctors and nurses are there for them and attuned to their needs. 

Providing better quality of service and enhancing outcomes increases the pressure on clinicians to perform beyond the baseline of simply taking care of a patient’s needs. Clinicians need a helping hand, like medical practice management software with a stellar patient scheduling system to go above and beyond their line of duty. 

Proper patient management has numerous benefits for hospitals and clinics. Implementing a patient management software program can bring optimal results. 

What is Patient Management?

Patient management refers to a set of activities that people in healthcare use to manage and deliver on their patient’s expectations. It makes room for fostering a good relationship with the patient instead of a cookie-cutter approach to healthcare where the doctor merely treats an illness and moves on to the next patient. 

Patient management software adds another dimension to medical practice management software with patient tracking systems and patient scheduling. It is designed to carve out space for doctors to perceive patients as individuals with thoughts and feelings, and aids in treating patients as consumers as opposed to sick people. The software leads to better overall health for patients, which in turn creates better patient satisfaction. 

What is the Best Patient Management Software available?

There are numerous patient scheduling systems available on the market. We have picked out some of the best for you:

Smart Clinix

Our top pick is a complete solution for your practice needs. With a patient management system infused with medical practice management solutions, you get the most out of this investment. Patient management features include patient charting and structured data, as well as clinical notes so that you are prepared excellently for your patient’s visit. You can also prepare visit prescriptions and orders, placing orders for your patients at associated labs, testing centers, and pharmacies.

 A feature worthy of note is the patient portal that has been created to give patients the experience they deserve and demand. The patient portal is excellent for patient communication and education, customized care coordination, making online appointments at teleclinics, and patient tracking for results from labs. 

Practice Fusion

This is a cloud-based practice management solution. Practice Fusion is an EHR software that features excellent patient management features such as smart charting, an automatic favorites list, as well as code assist. They also have an e-prescribing feature that lets you order medication for your patient from anywhere and have them delivered in the same go. Furthermore, it boasts additional practice management solutions as well, such as patient tracking and patient scheduling, as well as checking insurance eligibility and HIPAA compliance to ensure that the confidentiality of your patient is maintained. 

Care Cloud

The third software for doctors on our list is a sleek and modern electronic health record solution that is centered around streamlining the day at the office, so doctors can spend most of their time treating their patients. This software has been designed to deliver better patient care as it aids in managing patient flow, giving you real-time insight into how the patients are flowing through the office from their check-in, to the time they leave using simple drop and drag tools. Using the software, you can also see how long patients have been waiting and how resources in the clinic are being used to maximize efficiency. Furthermore, CareCloud provides certified EHR charts that integrate seamlessly with the CareCloud medical practice management software. Lastly, CareCloud also features patient engagement tools which are excellent in driving quality patient outcomes. 


A patient intake management software from CareCloud, Breeze has been designed to enhance your patient’s overall experience. It boasts three key features. The first is an electronic intake, whereby your patients can review and update their demographic and insurance information easily if it changes. Second, online pre-registration, offering registration forms and clinical intake questionnaires that can be filled out beforehand. 

Third, automated appointment management whereby patients can request and re-schedule their appointments. Furthermore, patients can pre-pay for their appointments and request reminders for their upcoming visits as well. Breeze streamlines patient registration and patient payments.  

Binary Spectrum

Our last option is a software that does a little bit of everything. At the center of this software is effective patient care. The features of this system include EMRs, HMIS, a healthcare portal, billing, and coding. The main patient management solution at its core is electronic charting that provides the physician with all the information in one place. It also allows for accurate coding through the use of convenient templates and embedded coding features.

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