Best EMR/EHR for Functional & Integrative Medicine

Best EMR/EHR for Functional & Integrative Medicine

The marriage of technology and medicine has opened up a vast variety of possibilities within healthcare. In the CoVid context, technology has become a central component of modern-day medicine, as technology has taken over as a primary mode of communication between doctors and patients alike. The actual setup of the practice itself has also changed because paper records are becoming a thing of the past. 

Electronic medical records are a newer, flashier, and tech-savvy counterpart of paper records and they are integral to functional medicine software. Setting up an electronic medical charting system at a new practice or an existing practice can be a challenge, so we took the liberty of making that choice easier when functional medicine is involved

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What are EMRs?

As explained above, these are the digital alternatives to paper records. They contain all the details of the patient such as their medical history, family history, list of immunizations, surgeries they have had, and other conditions they may have had in the past. You can pull up a patient’s electronic medical chart on your computer or tablet as you speak to them. 

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is based on a systems biology-based approach which is centered around identifying and addressing the root cause of a condition or disease. It takes each symptom or differential available to the doctors as one of the reasons why an individual may be ill. 

According to this approach, a diagnosis can be a result of more than one symptom. The way a disease manifests due to any of the symptoms is dependent on the patient’s lifestyle, environment, and genes. 

What is Integrative Medicine(IV Therapy)?

Integrative Medicine or IV Therapy is the practice of providing medications that uses conventional healthcare approaches in combination with your normal medication to give you great results over the course of your life (Yoga, Acupuncture)

Functional or Integrative Medicine EMR is tailored to optimize how your practice functions. Functional & Integrative Medication doctors have to deal with a lot at work, such as managing their staff, filling and filing paperwork, and seeing patients at the same time. 

It can get extremely difficult for practitioners to manage it all at once, and do justice to each role completely. This is why it is advised to integrate functional medicine EMR at your practice to get the best out of each day at work. 

We have compiled a list of electronic medical records systems that can help make your team much more efficient at work and maximize productivity. You can spend more time with your patients and worry less about managing different tasks and processes at the practice.

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Best Functional & Integrative Medicine (IV Therapy) EMRs/EHRs

Our top picks for the best electronic medical record systems for Functional and Integrative (IV Therapy) Medicine are:

  • SmartClinix
  • Cerbo
  • Optimantra
  • Charm Health


SmartClinix EMR is our top choice for EMR for functional medicine. It offers a simple, yet efficient and adaptable EMR system, which can be seamlessly integrated into your practice. It is cloud based, so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time using the right credentials. 

Furthermore, it offers a blank slate that can be customised according to your needs to create a personalised experience. If creating a plan seems too daunting for you, you can also choose from pre-built templates. 

The system boasts a wide range of features such as HIPAA compliant telemedicine, paperless faxing, notifications for faster outputs, custom membership plans, seamless practice management, e-charting and prescriptions, an order lab, an organized dashboard, tele rounding, medical billing as well as a patient portal for communication and invoicing.


At its heart, Cerbo specializes in Practice Management & EMR software for Functional Medicine, Aesthetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chiropractors. 

This electronic health record system is fun to engage with and has a savvy interface. With patient care at its center, Cerbo is packed with features that enable you to streamline practice management and communicate with patients in a direct, meaningful, and easy way. 

This electronic management system has been set up for DPC and cash-based practices. Priced between $19 to $219, it has several key features which make it stand out, such as appointment scheduling, charting, e-Prescribing, a self-service portal, customizable charts, prebuilt fillable forms, and HIPAA compliant two-way communications.


Optimantra has been designed to provide all-rounded practice management which can be used in any medical practice. However, it specifically targets Practice Management & EMR for Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, TCM, NP, MD, and Massage Therapists. 

It has an extremely impressive and seamless interface that wows you from the get-go. As a bonus, it also offers integrations with third parties like Rupa Health and offers several options for ordering prescriptions, supplements, imaging, and billing. 

It has several key features which shine through, such as Appointment Scheduling, charting, compliance tracking, e-Prescribing, a self-service portal, a customizable questionnaire and consent forms, IV management, and electronic prior authorization. This software is extremely useful for multidisciplinary clinics. 

Charm Health

This one is web-based. It is HIPAA compliant, and it is driven by collaboration. It is all encompassing, functioning as practice management, ambulatory electronic health record, and medical billing solution all in one. 

This one isn’t all talk and no show, it actually functions very seamlessly and efficiently, significantly cutting down operation processes and the time it takes to carry them out in real time. 

This is the best electronic medical record for MD, OD, and ND practices. The plan boasts many useful features such as lab integration, allowing you to manage inventory and e-prescribe with a list of pharmacies. 

The key features of this Top EMRs include appointment scheduling, claims management, claims scrubbing, code & charge entry, compliance tracking, customizable dashboard, E-prescribing, HIPAA compliant healthcare messaging, and invoice history.


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