Benefits of SEO for doctors

Benefits of SEO for doctors
Dr Josh April 13, 2022 Marketing

Reaching unprecedented heights of success is not easy in today’s global world, where the mere touch of a finger carries out a big chunk of activities. The healthcare sector paints a similar picture, and healthcare practices, like every other business out there, that are seeking to augment their target audience and market base by attaining new clients are bound to face a variety of complications.

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This industry’s cut-throat competition requires the latest techniques to make a practice stand out from thousands of its competitors. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective methods that a healthcare provider can use to enhance his practice’s standing. SEO services for doctors hold innumerable benefits, and healthcare marketing SEO has already established itself as the norm. 

If you are looking for SEO benefits for doctors or intend on employing local SEO for doctors, this writing is for you. Let’s look into what benefits SEO for medical practices can bring forth and why you should consider opting for it. 

Today’s Metamorphosed World 

Before the advent of the internet, marketing practices were limited and uncomplicated: they required service providers to place a simple ad in the Yellow Pages or put up a bunch of innovative fliers. However, today’s world has drastic differences from the world of the past and thus requires a wholly new agenda and setup for marketing. Research shows that about 75% of patients look into a medical service online before booking an appointment.

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Only 10% of potential patients under the age of 35 opt for the Yellow Pages when looking for a doctor. In addition, about 27% of people between the ages of 55 and 64 have embraced the changing societal norms and have thus shifted to the use of search engines when looking for a medical practitioner. 

Thus, with even the older generation gradually shifting to the use of the internet, SEO for medical practices has quickly become a compulsion that every healthcare facility needs to invest in in order to stand out and stay in the competitive race of the marketing landscape. Over 80% of people do not go past the first page of Google’s searches, and thus healthcare facilities strive to be on that first page. SEO for medical practices can ensure this happens. 

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Benefits of SEO for doctors 

Patients are highly likely to choose a medical facility that ranks among the top three names in Google searches, making opting for SEO practices imperative for doctors. Thus, SEO for doctors provides a higher Return On Investment and increases a medical facility’s visibility, traffic, branding, credibility, and reputation. Let’s take a deeper look into some common SEO benefits for doctors:

Increase in online visibility

Appearing amongst the top five or three Google searches is the most significant endorsement of your medical practice in today’s highly digitalized world. Potential patients tend to believe in the techniques that even Google shows at the top of its listing and thus opt for them. 

Elevation in credibility and reliability 

Potential patients unconsciously register the keywords entered in search engines. Although it might be above their realization threshold, they automatically portend higher credibility to the websites with a higher ranking. A patient’s direct vote of confidence or expression of interest can often be directly linked to the rankings Google shows. Thus, potential patients trust Google search results and that a medical practice featured on the top is the most reliable. 

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Reduction in the cost of acquiring new patients 

It is typical for the money spent on attaining new patients to not reflect in a business’s revenues. Thus, a healthcare facility can remain true to its marketing goal of achieving new patients with a reduction in the overall marketing cost. Other kinds of marketing techniques are generally more expensive than digital marketing. Thus you can conveniently streamline your business objectives with minimum price and the added flexibility of reaching targeted customers. 

Augmented online traffic and return on investment (ROI)

Businesses run on online traffic, and settling in the background does not make any money. Just like setting up a shop on a bustling street makes more money than a shop in a quaint street does, a healthcare facility can only generate higher revenue with a considerable online influx. SEO for doctors provides this benefit by marketing a healthcare facility to a number of visitors, increasing your chances of attracting potential customers. Similarly, healthcare facilities that undertake SEO as an essentially inbound marketing strategy focusing on qualified leads attain a higher ROI than other forms of advertisement or marketing. 

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