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CPT Codes Descriptions

All of our CPT Codes in our Remote Patient Monitoring Software are kept up-to-date to help you increase your revenue and take advantage of our state of the art devices & support. You can go into more depth with our RPM Codes Guide that’s kept upto date regularly


Initial set-up and patient education on the use of equipment


Device supply with daily recording and programmed alerts


Clinician spends 20 minutes in a calendar month management


Add-on to 99457. Billable for each individual; 20 min block


Collection & interpretation of patient data by QHCP; minimum 30 min/month

SmartClinix, the Perfect RPM Solution

We have spent years with physicians of different specialties to perfect and present the perfect RPM Solution for your clinic/hospital anywhere in the United States. From Blood Pressure, Glucose and much more, we help you manage your patients metrics from anywhere to provide the perfect virtual care platform.

So Let’s Go Remote for your clinic and help you increase revenue for up to 25% minimum.

remote patient monitoring

Manage Your Patients Health Remotely

With an up-to-date CPT coding system that takes into account all modern CMS guidelines whenever they may change, you can manage your patients and increase your practice’s revenue at the same time. 

No emergency visits, no long commutes. Everything is done seamlessly and efficiently with the SmartClinix team behind you every step of the way.


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