Specialty-based remote patient monitoring program for better health outcomes and increased revenue –at no upfront cost!

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform That Simplifies Healthcare

RPM solution is meant to empower providers and patients with easily recordable & readily available health data, to make better decisions regarding the health and care of the patients involved. Our Remote Patient Monitoring software at SmartClinix helps you achieve that with minimal fuss and easy accessibility.
With personalization and specialty designed RPM solution, we ensure that your patients are expertly monitored with SmartClinix-integrated Omron devices makes RPM easier than ever. With us, you don’t have to rely on your patient’s for accurate health data, ensuring more trust from your patients, more visits and more revenue at a fraction of the market cost.


The incorporation of Population Health Management into Smartclinix facilitates continuous monitoring through the integration of population health data with remote patient monitoring. This enables the seamless and ongoing tracking of vital signs and health metrics for individuals within the specified population. In addition, the system supports early intervention by leveraging remote monitoring capabilities. This proactive approach allows healthcare providers to swiftly detect potential health issues, intervening promptly to prevent complications and ensuring a timely and effective response to evolving patient needs. Overall, these features underscore Smartclinix’s commitment to providing comprehensive and preemptive healthcare solutions.

Why Our Remote Patient Monitoring Software is The Best

For a truly smart remote patient monitoring program, we offer our in-demand virtual care portal that is directly connected to your RPM system.

Virtual Care Support Team

To ensure smooth workflows and uninterrupted practice, our virtual care team monitors vitals and acts as an extension of your care team.

Devices Delivered to Patients

Our team delivers RPM integrated cellular devices to patients’ doorsteps.

Specialty Based RPM Program

Our RPM program is meant to extend a helping hand to practices. That’s why we’ve created specific RPM solutions for specialties.

SmartClinix RPM Devices



Blood Pressure Monitoring

Pulse Oximeter

Weight Scale

How Much Does RPM Cost?

We at SmartClinix aims to make monitoring your patients easier, and our pricing models dictates that. All our devices are charged for $125 each with the following system based packages:

  • RPM is $15 per patient/per month for the software only
  • RPM + Virtual Care Support team is $35 per patient/per month

How Our RPM Software Solution Works for Your Practice


Sign Up

With SmartClinix, you get easy implementation of your RPM program along with technical and billing support.

Enroll Patients

Our team helps with enrolling your patients, shipping monitoring devices, and providing all the onboarding and tech support.
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Monitor Patients

Through SmartClinix-integrated devices, vitals can be tracked in real time for proper support by our care team.

Coordinate Care

The care team monitors vitals in real time and notifies you whenever required.

Increase Practice Revenue at No Upfront Cost

If you see 200 patients a month, you can increase your revenue by $300,000 per annum.

Medicare reimburses $150-200/patient/month

Specialty-Based Remote Patient Monitoring Solution with Cellular Connected Devices​

SmartClinix offers RPM solution, including a Telemedicine-connected RPM, Virtual Health Support Team, Complimentary Web Portal, among others, to specialists starting remote patient monitoring programs.

Each SmartClinix-integrated device delivered directly to patients for effortless patient care and practice growth.

Virtual Care Program for Pulmonologists
Virtual Care Program for Cardiologists
Virtual Care Program for Endocrinologists
Virtual Care Program for Nephrologists

RPM Customised to Your Clinic

We look to provide doctors and physicians with a variety of customisation options for their program, aiming to facilitate all clinics big and small throughout the United States. This involves packages that have only what you require with an easy to use modern dashboard which makes monitoring your patients easier, quick and effective.

Patient Monitoring Software You Can Trust

Patient Monitoring Software is transforming healthcare, delivering real-time insights for enhanced patient care. By seamlessly integrating with existing medical devices, SmartClinix offers unparalleled accuracy and up-to-date patient data, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions swiftly.

Its user-friendly interface, combined with advanced analytics, positions SmartClinix as a vital tool in modern healthcare management. Embrace the future of patient care with SmartClinix – where innovation meets efficiency. Explore our features today and take the first step towards a smarter, more efficient healthcare delivery system. Visit our website to learn more and revolutionize your patient monitoring approach with SmartClinix.

rpm new device with dashboard

Telemedicine platform with RPM System

SmartClinix allows for better patient care with telemedicine integrated  remote patient monitoring  system.

Practice gets the telemedicine-equipped EMR along with the Smart RPM system. When the clinical team observes persistently abnormal readings, they inform the physician who can provide a virtual visit for timely intervention. This combination allows physicians to provide the best care possible.

Download Our Free RPM Guide.

Written by RPM experts, this Comprehensive guide will ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free.

Essential rpm cpt codes


Initial set-up and patient education on the use of equipment

Billing Frequency

Once at set-up



Device supply with daily recording and programmed alerts

Billing Frequency




Clinician spends 20 minutes in a calendar month management

Billing Frequency




Add-on to 99457. Billable for each individual; 20 min block

Billing Frequency




Collection & interpretation
of patient data by QHCP; minimum 30 min/month

Billing Frequency



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