Benefits Of Remote Patient Monitoring

Benefits Of Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is not as new a concept as it seems. It has been around for several decades only to be brought out of the shadows with a bang only recently due to COVID-19. Remote patient monitoring’s advantages are immense, as it is undoubtedly one of the most crucial advancements in the medical sector. Catering to an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, remote patient monitoring continues to offer substantial benefits to patients and healthcare providers. 

Let us look at some remote patient monitoring benefits that depict how it has metamorphosed the healthcare sector for good. 

Reduced disease transmission risk

Remote patient monitoring enables patients with highly contagious diseases, such as COVID-19 and tuberculosis, to get appropriate medical attention without having to visit the facility in person, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission. Additionally, healthcare centers and hospitals can act as possible spreaders of other germs and diseases. 

Freed up hospital resources 

The healthcare sector is always under immense stress, even more now due to the conditions posed by COVID-19. Remote patient monitoring helps with hospital staff and bedding shortages by allowing medical professionals to evaluate and monitor patients in their homes. This frees up relatively limited healthcare resources for the most serious cases. 

Better and faster patient data access 

Remote patient monitoring uses connected healthcare devices that offer healthcare providers fast and seamless access to accurate patient data. These rpm devices include pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, implantable devices, biometric sensors, glucometers, and much more. These devices store and transmit accurate data when incorporated with remote patient monitoring solutions, prompting accelerated diagnosis and in-time treatment plan changes.

Enhanced patient outcomes 

Extensive research corroborates one of the most facilitating rpm benefits: improved patient outcomes. Remote patient monitoring solutions have shown lower mortality rates, risk of hospitalization, and hospital readmissions across various medical cases, including implanted cardiac defibrillators. 

Improved access to healthcare 

Remote patient monitoring acts as a beneficial bridge between healthcare providers and patients by allowing them seamless access wherever they are. It can easily reach patients living in rural areas who would otherwise be unable to contact a healthcare provider. It also improves access to healthcare by reducing appointment breaches. 

Augmented patient engagement 

One of the crucial remote patient monitoring advantages is enhanced patient engagement. RPM’s engagement strategies help patients understand their health conditions by providing them with the necessary tools. Such tools allow them to develop a unique and personalized care plan and understand their role in improving their health. This convenient access to healthcare is likely to improve their health outcomes by improving their engagement. 

Improved clinical staff efficiency and reduced clinical staff shortages 

Remote patient monitoring helps healthcare providers and clinical staff to prioritize healthcare delivery by taking certain tasks off their shoulders. Several RPM tools enable them to integrate real-time patient statistics with the healthcare provider’s Electronic Medical Records to reduce duplicative documentation. RPM can help mitigate severe staffing shortages, such as those faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and dwindle the burden of over-scheduled appointment visits. BY allowing a healthcare provider to provide healthcare virtually, it leverages a team-based care model that supports flexibility. 

Elevated caregiver connectivity and care involvement 

Remote patient monitoring advantages do not end at patients and healthcare providers only; they also support caregivers. Most remote patient monitoring tools allow elevated involvement of a patient’s caregiver by providing them access to patient progress and vital sign recordings. Caregivers can influence and engage with their loved ones’ healthcare processes. Additionally, it offers an extra medium of external support in case of a question or in need of an emergency. 

Improved patient satisfaction and experience 

Remote patient monitoring allows augmented patient satisfaction by providing them adequate healthcare whenever and wherever they want. EMR functions by eliminating the burden of hospital visits, transport, parking, and extra cost, allowing patients to receive care right from the comfort of their homes. 

Broader referral opportunities and improved retention 

RPM programs functioning for referring specialists and hospitals can allow enhanced revenue generation and referrals. That is because seamless access to innovative care technologies offers a competitive advantage that enhances existing patient retention and attracts new patients. Consumer-driven care shows that patients are attracted to convenience and thus maintain a loyal relationship with healthcare providers that offer convenient services. 

Improved patient-clinician relationship 

Remote patient monitoring allows patients and healthcare providers to develop a closer relationship by offering enhanced opportunities for communication. This strengthens their professional rapport and improves patient loyalty and satisfaction. Additionally, most patients feel safe and improve better with the comforting perception that their medical professional is just one click away. 

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