Rehab Nursing Homes & ALF

Make your work easier with an integrated ecosystem that lets all departments work properly together.

Time-Honored Patients, Brilliant Technology

Our easy-to-use platform ensures that all the residents in your facility have access to healthcare without any delay


Create Ease For Residents

ALFs and nursing homes generally care for the older population with more significant medical needs. With our smart solutions, you could create an environment of ease and safety for them.

Residents can easily request an online appointment with a specialist and get a proper diagnosis right then and there. This will lead to better health and reduced complications later on.

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Stress-Free Healthcare Providers

With so many residents, it's difficult to give optimum care for every single patient. The care they deserve becomes even tougher to accomplish considering the low number of healthcare providers per facility.

This can be solved with our virtual rounding.

In addition, a digital database of every resident can be created, ensuring easy maintenance of records and health management.


Smart Clinix
The Right Choice

From virtual rounds to all-inclusive EHR, Smart Clinix offers everything a nursing home, ALF, or rehab facility would need.

We help lower the burden on healthcare providers while maintaining and improving, the health of the residents.

To ensure that your facility becomes even more efficient, you should give Smart Clinix a try.

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