Medical Billing Issues: How SmartClinix Can Help You With Billing

Medical Billing Issues: How SmartClinix Can Help You With Billing
Dr Josh November 30, 2022 medical billing

Medical billing can be a contentious issue in the world of healthcare. Hidden costs, extortionate prices and payments which need to be made upfront can be a burden on the patient and the healthcare provider. Online healthcare platforms have revolutionized the world of medical billing by bringing inefficient electronic medical billing into the fold. Electronic modes of payment address medical billing issues by dealing with paperwork and manual errors and dealing with the inaccessibility of information. Irregular and inefficient revenue cycles have become a thing of the past with electronic medical billing.


Issues with Medical Billing

Problems with medical billing can be detrimental to patient experiences. There are a handful of issues associated with manual medical billing, such as:

  • Incomplete patient information:

Medical billing begins when the patient initially starts using healthcare services at the institution in question. The staff is responsible for collecting all the information needed to lay the foundation for medical invoicing and collecting payments. The information needs to be up-front, with the correct details like health insurance status, coverage and demographic information.

If the information is incomplete or faulty, it can lead to claims reimbursement delays due to claim rejections and ineligibility problems. The staff may be inadequately trained for asking the correct questions regarding eligibility, which leads to delays in payments. This problem can be addressed with appropriate electronic medical billing software. It can also make patient information much more accessible.

  • Neglect in informing patients about amounts due:

The practice needs to collect the full amount for services availed by the patient. There has been an increase in patient financial responsibility, which has led to problems in payment collections. High deductible plans have become common amongst patients, which shifts the payment responsibility onto the consumer rather than the payer. Providers are often left waiting on payment from the patient for months on end.
There needs to be a system of accountability in place, which can be generated through the use of EMRs, an absence of insurance plans and electronic medical billing software, as well as policies that estimate costs of services and implicate the patient with the details. Bills need to be provided alongside treatment and simplified for the patient so that they can pay on due time without the insurance company playing mediator.

  • Manual claims management is a problem:

Claims can be a long and tedious process for the administration at the hospital. The hospital must have a robust system in place to deal with claim collection, such as excellent data tools, smooth flowing communications channels between the front and end staff as well as excellent management procedures.
There is a lot of labor involved in managing denials. It is a time-consuming and lengthy process as well, which increases the administrative burden. This issue can be easily resolved with automation and the introduction of medical billing software companies in the mix. Electronic medical billing allows providers to deal with reimbursements and denials in a seamless fashion.

SmartClinix and Medical Billing Issues

SmartClinix is a telehealth platform with a well-integrated electronic medical billing system that can address the aforementioned issues seamlessly. There are a number of solutions SmartClinix provides:

  • Medical Billing Experts:

SmartClinix houses a team of medical billing experts who have been equipped with the latest tools for seamless medical billing. This includes electronic medical billing software, which ensures that all services are duly noted and compensated. The absence of insurance companies in the mix, as well as direct contact between the patient and you, ensure that the billing is upfront with no surprises for the patient in any case.

Our team is also efficient in dealing with denials and generating higher revenue for you. It removes management pressure from you, lowering the administrative burden. SmartClinix services are efficient and transparent, providing you transparent billing data directly on your dashboards so that you are well aware.

  • Detailed Records and Payment Accessibility:

SmartClinix has an integrated EHR system that allows for detailed record keeping. You can maintain detailed records of all patients with complete and accurate information. Excellent software and technology go a long way, providing detailed documentation of patient-doctor interactions, the duration of visit and where it took place. This makes the process of billing seamless as there is nothing that is missed out. 

Integrated systems also make sure that patients are well-informed about their bills. Furthermore, payment accessibility is also made possible through the use of appropriate software. We offer a variety of options for payments, such as online and credit card payments, which can deal with billing issues for people.

  • Transparency:

Our medical billing system is transparent, with costs being listed in full beforehand so that patients do not have surprises in store for them. SmartClinix believes in complete transparency for the patient and the doctor.

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