Market Yourself As A Doctor With SmartClinix Digital Marketing

Market Yourself As A Doctor With SmartClinix Digital Marketing
Dr Josh April 26, 2022 Marketing

Medicine is a service-oriented profession that requires medical practitioners to adopt top-notch marketing practices and use it as a means to augment their practice in addition to simply practicing medicine. Digital marketing, or as it is commonly referred to as online marketing, is one of the most frequently practiced market strategies in various everyday fields of life, predominantly medicine. 

Since a lack of credibility leads to a pitfall for most medical practices when conducting business online, digital marketing serves as the perfect resort. By positioning yourself as a medical practitioner and expert with a solid online presence, you can allow prospective patients to feel comfortable opting for you and your medical practice to address their medical needs.

So, how can you market yourself as a doctor by using healthcare digital marketing ? Let’s look into it.

Keep a Blog

Whether you are an orthopedic specialist, a vascular surgeon, a cosmetic dentist, or any other specialist, keeping a blog is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make your mark online. Medical practitioners who do not have a blog on their website miss out on a terrific chance to market their services while addressing people’s everyday concerns, all of which heightens their credibility to unprecedented heights. 

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A blog allows you to not only get in touch with prospective clients by answering their frequently asked questions but also highlight your treatment or therapy options. All of this undoubtedly improves a medical practice’s ranking in search engines, mainly if it uploads informative and helpful blogs consistently.

Social Media Today says that small businesses who hold a blog can generate more than 125% more leads through it, and about 60% more customers are likely to make a purchase based on a blog post they went through. That is not all: about 81% of customers indicated that they trusted the advice and information received from a blog they read online.

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Build a Social Medical Presence

It is a common perception that renowned and high-quality service providers in today’s world are bound to have a social media presence. This also includes healthcare services, as keeping your patients informed and engaged with the practice and helpful information about your medical specialization dramatically adds to your credibility. 

Marketing yourself through digital marketing, therefore, entails ensuring that your medical practice is listed in all the local and relevant directories, such as Yelp, White Pages, Foursquare, Switchboard, City Search, along with medical directories such as, Zoc Doc, Health Grades, Vitals, etc. Renowned medical directories with helpful and credible ratings and reviews play a vital role in maintaining a healthy online reputation for medical practitioners.

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Start Publishing Press Releases

Medical practitioners can effectively make their mark in the online world through press releases as they are a fabulous way of creating a buzz amongst the masses, building credibility, and promoting an online presence that markets their services. It is also one of the most suitable ways of letting the public know about the new services your practice is offering. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that press releases are not promotional seminars and should not be treated as such.

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There are several topics a medical practice can address in a press release. Some of them include their newly purchased equipment or technology, receiving an award or honor, sponsoring an event, participating in a local charity event, publishing a new downloadable ebook or starting a blog series, information about a recent finding or study you undertook, free consultation offers, holiday and special seasonal bundles, or virtually any other milestones (such as the five or ten year anniversary of your practice). 

Such a press release can then be distributed all across several online services, such as PRBuss, PRNewswire,, 1888 Press Release, PRLog, 24-7 Press Release, and so many others.

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If you are looking to use digital marketing to establish yourself as a medical practitioner but are unsure about where to start, SmartClinix is here to help. Experts at SmartClinix utilize all the strategies mentioned above, along with several others, to use digital marketing to their aid and attain new customers in the process. Whether you practice in a hospital or clinic or individually, SmartClinix provides the ultimate healthcare solutions for all the facets of healthcare.

Not only can you streamline your online practice with specialized EMR solutions and telemedicine, but you can also get custom-built telehealth solutions at roughly one-third the cost of other platforms and thus benefit from the result-driven digital approach that guarantees steady growth and progress. 

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Suppose you are a medical practitioner working independently. In that case, SmartClinix can easily blend in with your practice to ensure high productivity and help you provide an excellent medical experience to your patients. 

In contrast, if you are working in a hospital, SmartClinix would integrate all the facets of healthcare management, ranging from EMR to managing physicians in a convenient platform, to turn your hospital into an easily manageable and clutter-free practice.

Dr Josh

Dr. Josh is a physician who's helping spread the knowledge about Telehealth and its advantages. At SmartClinix, he's providing his expertise and knowledge in the form of engaging articles on various health & tech related topics.

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