The Importance of Digital Marketing for Doctors and Clinics in 2021

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Doctors and Clinics in 2021
Dr Josh August 13, 2021 Marketing

There has been a significant impact of digitalization on healthcareother businesses, and along with it, everything else in this world. The way the businesses in the world operate has changed, as businesses need to rely on tools other than word of mouth to bring in patients. This isn’t enough to keep your business up and running, and nor are simple traditional marketing practices. Healthcare Digital Marketing has become incredibly important, as patients do not go by simple recommendations of a ‘good doctor’.

Today, people conduct their own research by turning to the internet and drawing up information about you as a doctor, your practice and how it has been reviewed. In the digitalized world of today, the smartphone and a WiFi connection are all it takes to learn and assess your practice and its reputation. This is why digital marketing for doctors and clinics has become incredibly important.

There are several benefits of digital marketing for doctors and clinics, such as advertising services to large audiences, building and managing a better brand image, and drawing in new customers. It also allows doctors and their clinics to tap into new resources and tools which serve patients and other seekers of healthcare in an efficient and streamlined manner. Doctors can use a variety of techniques such as SEO and social media to put themselves and their clinics on the map in order to expand, grow and evolve as a business in today’s world.

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The Benefits of Digital Healthcare Marketing

Doctors can benefit in a number of ways by using digital marketing for practitioners and clinics.

  • Improving reach and service awareness: There are so many different healthcare platforms, set-ups, systems and clinics in the health industry. It has become super competitive, which makes it difficult to stay afloat amongst the thousands of fish in the sea. You must maintain a healthy flow of customers, and to do that, it is essential that you put the word out and spread awareness of the services you offer. According to Google Analytics, up to 44% of the visitors to practices make their appointments online or by making a call to the clinic after acquiring the number from the website. Therefore, it can be seen that people conduct their research online rather than by relying on other people. The role of websites for doctors and clinics has expanded to provide baseline information and beyond. You can thus increase your audience reach and improve branding by opting for digital marketing for your clinic.

  • Access your patients easily: You can use digital platforms to access your patients quickly and easily. In general, some people deem it inappropriate for healthcare services to opt for marketing services on social media, as they may seem ‘non-serious.’ However, promoting your practice on social media makes things much more convenient for patients. The average individual today spends a vast amount of time on social media, using it as the preferred mode of conversation and contact. Patients love user-friendly experiences that are convenient and do not require additional research and fumbling about on the internet.


  • Cost-effective strategy: When compared to traditional marketing options such as TV advertisements and billboards, digital marketing techniques are much more cost-effective. Small practices tend to have high-priority expenses such as paying the rent on time or paying the electricity bill. You can level out your priorities of marketing by opting for cost-effective techniques like digital marketing. You can consult experts to get as much out of the budget as possible in order to have a maximum impact without having to turn to expensive techniques that may not have a high return on investment.
  • Creating and defending an online reputation: When you have an active online presence, you can monitor how your practice is perceived and catch any complaints that customers may have. You can use these to build up a better practice and address concerns. In addition, you can use your presence to push back against false or misleading reviews and correct any wrongs that may have occurred so that you can build up a good and healthy brand image that draws in potential customers effectively.

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Tips to Promote Your Clinic

There are several tips that you can use to promote your clinic online.

  1. Build a website: This is the most basic of them all. You should create a fast and engaging website that provides the patient all the basic information they need, such as how they can contact you, your number and the services you offer. You can also offer testimonials. Websites need to be well made and well-articulated as that lends them credibility. There are several benefits of SEO for doctors you can put up SEO-optimized content which streamlines your website and tailors it according to your needs.                                                                                               2. Promote your practice on social media: The entire world uses Instagram. It is the best place to build an online presence, and you can link your website to it as well. You can hire a handler who answers all queries and details, which will increase convenience and an active online presence

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