How to Market Your Telehealth Services

How to Market Your Telehealth Services
Dr Josh January 22, 2022 Marketing Telemedicine

Telemedicine has become increasingly favored over the last two decades. Although it was a well-known platform before Covid started wreaking havoc around the globe, the global pandemic has swept the telehealth market to unprecedented heights of popularity and efficiency with the need to provide healthcare service with minimal exposure to the virus, healthcare clinics are rapidly shifting towards telemedicine marketing to leverage healthcare facilities and technologies for better performance.

Whether you are looking to advance your existing telemedicine practice or intend on developing a new telemedicine brand, you need to be at par with innovative telemedicine marketing trends. This article covers marketing ideas for clinics and the most effective telemedicine marketing strategies for boosting a telemedicine business.

Telemedicine marketing trends that you need to follow

Telemedicine is on the rise with no signs of slowing down, and thus you need to jump on this digital bandwagon as well. It is pivotal to have a solid and interactive digital presence to attract new customers to your telemedicine services and retain previous ones. Following are some telemedicine marketing solutions that you need to adapt to elevate the standing of your telehealth clinic.

Improve reach by using SEO friendly techniques

Search results listed on Google’s first page get almost 95% of all digital traffic, and thus your business should endeavor to rank as high as possible. Several SEO tactics can be implemented to improve a business’s ranking in Google, such as developing a secure and mobile responsive website, posting informative content, using precise and related keywords, and improving website loading time. Overlooking such SEO techniques can cost you potential patients.

Create a user-friendly and interactive website

Websites are the virtual description of a business or service, and thus your website should be professional, credible-looking, and interactive. The first impression is indeed the last in the digital world, and therefore you need to develop a website that catches the attention of potential customers and comforts their concerns at the same time. The tone, color scheme, imagery, and stylization of a website can depict a great deal to patients regarding your business.
Your telehealth website needs to be mobile-friendly in addition to being user-friendly. With lockdowns imposed around the world, most people are spending their time online, which has led to a 70% increase in mobile usage worldwide. It is crucial to address the portion of your target market that is mobile-user so that they can easily avail your services. Provide easily decipherable buttons that link directly to information panels and scheduling software on your website to ensure user ease and satisfaction.
Your website’s load time matters greatly: the ideal website load time is under 3 seconds. Websites not up to this benchmark usually end up frustrating clients, who in turn leave the website before even getting a chance to see more about a service.

Stay connected through social media

One of the most efficient marketing ideas for clinics is promotion via blogs, emails, and social media. Social media is the strongest marketing tool in today’s world, and you can use it to build a credible, professional, and genuine image of your telehealth practice. You can also use the internet to provide educational content that answers several common health-related queries, along with thorough information about your telemedicine services. This would also allow you to build relationships with prospective and potential patients and stay connected with them.
Advertise right to the right target market

You can market your telemedicine services aptly and efficiently by choosing the right demographics in a telehealth market. Businesses that promote their message at the right place and in the right manner succeed in attaining more clients, and thus you need to focus on your target market before advertising. Advertising online is the most efficient and cost-effective marketing technique in today’s digitalized world. You can advertise your telemedicine services through Pay Per Click ads, social ads, Search Engine Marketing, and so on. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the cost of Pay Per Click ads alone dropped over 50%. This makes it the most suitable time to opt for a digital marketing strategy, target the right audience, and make the world aware of your telehealth services.

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