How to have an online visit with your doctor via Telemedicine

How to have an online visit with your doctor via Telemedicine
Dr Josh May 7, 2021 Telemedicine

Video-based medical visits have revolutionized the world. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing factors, Telemedicine has gained popularity on a large scale. The most effective way to keep the spread of the epidemic under control is social distancing. Telemedicine shines in this area as it makes online medical appointments possible. With the improvement in video-based medical consultations, the healthcare system has changed marginally.

Coverage of possible healthcare needs

Telemedicine has allowed plenty of healthcare needs to be addressed in detail. To shed light on a variety of needs, a few have been highlighted below:

●   Critical and urgent care

●   Immediate diagnosis of medical conditions

●   Primary care

●   Care for children

●   Medical counseling

●   Appointments with various specialists

Benefits of an online medical appointment

The increasing involvement of patients and doctors in Telemedicine indicates that it is beneficial for both parties. Since the inception of Telemedicine, the convenience factor has been the biggest reason behind the popularity. As a result of healthcare needs being met online, an individual does need to put a foot outside their house. It eliminates discomfort, cost, and energy.

Moreover, Telemedicine has provided a safe channel for patients to get their healthcare needs to be met in the time of a pandemic.

Telemedicine: How to have an online visit with your doctor

Even though patients who already use Telemedicine is increasing day by day, many have not divulged it yet. This section will provide them with an overview and answer their question of how to use telemedicine?

Popularity of Telemedicine

Healthcare institutions offering medical services are rapidly recognizing the need for Telemedicine. However, not all hospitals have caught up. Patients are advised to always inquire of their healthcare provider if they have such a system in place a week or so before they wish to get the consultation. If the doctor says no, it will give the individual plenty of time to find a doctor that utilizes Telemedicine to the fullest.

Tools required

To successfully have an online medical appointment, there are a few tools that are required. Most of the time, the doctor or their office informs the patients about the types of tools that they will need. An individual can be proactive and ask about them when they book an appointment. Generally, the tools that will be needed are:

●   The main devices used are smartphones, laptops, or tablets. If the device has a web camera, it is a bonus. Many diagnoses require a visual checkup which is why your doctor might ask you to have your device’s camera turned on.

●   Telemedicine has advanced enough that many hospitals and clinics use a digitized healthcare system. They might ask you to download specific software or application for easy communication.

●   Depending on your condition, it is often recommended to have a blood pressure cuff nearby. Patients are generally advised to use a digital blood pressure monitoring machine as that requires no skills.

How to use telemedicine?

There is quite a population of the world that has not yet warmed up to technology. But many are trying not only because the pandemic calls for it but also to adapt to the changing environment. The truth is that the process of using telemedicine is not that hard. The patient simply needs to call their chosen healthcare provider and book an appointment for the particular doctor that they wish to see. If they have a special app or system in place then the patient ought to ask how they can use and navigate it properly.

Insurance of online medical appointment

The first thing that needs to be understood is that every health plan varies. It means that insurance policies will also vary from region to region. Some plans only cover video call appointments but others cover both phone calls and video calls. Since there are numerous dimensions to telemedicine, insurance companies are striving to catch up and cover all. It is always better to contact the insurance provider beforehand. Detailed questions need to be asked about their policies regarding telemedicine and the coverage that they offer.


Patients who have utilized telemedicine are grateful because of the ease of usage. There is no particular science to it and anyone can learn it with a few guidelines. When taking an appointment, all one needs to do is follow the above instructions, find a quiet spot to sit at, and make the appointment. The doctors are more than willing to guide patients who are first-timers. Choosing telemedicine over physical visits has plenty of advantages which is why many healthcare providers are advocating for it. Patients fare better using it and it also provides a lot of safety and comfort to the doctors and medical staff too.

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