How Telemedicine Software will Boost your Practice’s Revenue

How Telemedicine Software will Boost your Practice’s Revenue
Dr Josh May 4, 2021 Telemedicine

Telemedicine is basically a way for patients to access doctors remotely via telephone or video call. It has been around for a very long time but since COVID-19, its demand has increased drastically. With developing technology, many people have started to accept telemedicine software as a way of setting up appointments with their physicians. With all that, medical practitioners must be money smart. Telemedicine is a revolutionary way that can make medical appointments incredibly easy for patients, but for doctors, it can also increase their current revenue.

Advantages of telemedicine

There are tons of advantages to utilizing telemedicine software. They are:

  • It allows doctors to provide services in remote areas where there is no access to healthcare.
  • It increases the satisfaction of the patients. Several clinics in the USA have shown that the patient satisfaction of telemedicine has sometimes shown to be as high as 99%.
  • It can increase the productivity and performance of the service provider by knowing which patient to prioritize. It also helps increase efficiency by reducing the loitering of patients who can be easily dealt with via phone or video call services.
  • It can reduce the exposure to pathogens from patients to the doctors.

Telemedicine Increases Patient Flow

A survey showed that 75% of the total patients have been interested in shifting to telehealth services, especially the ones with chronic or minor problems. A lot of the patients also want to cut out wasting their money on ER bills.

Apart from that telemedicine allows the service provider to fill in gaps for the patients that do not show up. It also solves the problems of patients that could not make it to the clinic because of uncertainties like a flat tire, urgent work-related tasks, or even a no-show by the baby-sitter. Telemedicine allows these patients to quickly set up their appointments via phone or video call on an urgent basis. 

Another way that telemedicine can increase the patient flow is by making up appointments outside of the normal work hours. If the service ever feels like they can work beyond their work hours, they can easily set up online appointments. This means that the practitioner can increase the number of patients they see each day in-turn giving more billable hours.

Telemedicine can Attract New Patients

It was mentioned before that 75% of patients now want to opt for telemedicine because it allows more convenience. This automatically means that these patients will be looking for service providers that provide telemedicine services. This makes telemedicine a revenue increasing medium in itself.

It was also mentioned before that telemedicine makes it accessible for people living in remote areas to get access to health care. These patients will obviously have to choose practitioners that provide telehealth services. This allows doctors to take in new patients from far off places.

Reimbursements from Telephone Follow-ups

These days, whenever patients have follow-up questions, they call the physician which takes important billable hours out of the equation. These appointments can now be made billable if the patients are made to take follow-up appointments through telemedicine. This is another way that telemedicine allows increasing the revenue without even trying for it.

Easy to Fit-in Same-Day Appointments

Regular patients might have to switch to some other physician or clinic if they require urgent care. It might also frustrate the patients to not be able to get the same-day appointment. Telemedicine also takes care of this problem. The service provider can easily set up an appointment whenever they feel like they can take out some free time. This allows the physician to retain their patients and increase their billable hours during the day.

Increased Work Efficiency and Reduced Costs

With online visits, the burden on the working staff can be decreased allowing them to work on other important tasks. This allows increased efficiency of work and creating more billable hours.

Telemedicine can also reduce one’s costs drastically because online appointments don’t require office space and can be done at any time from any place. This reduces a lot of overhead costs like rent, electricity bills and also reduces the cost of other employees that need to work at the clinic for in-person appointments.


The world is changing at a very fast pace and everything is moving online because it saves time, money, and energy. This is also true when it comes to medical services. During these times, especially after the pandemic, it is necessary for physicians and health care providers to keep themselves accessible via telephone or online to their patients. 

This is a step that providers must take to keep their patients and to make sure they gain new patients so that they can generate more revenue or they will lack behind in keeping pace with this new world.

Dr Josh

Dr. Josh is a physician who's helping spread the knowledge about Telehealth and its advantages. At SmartClinix, he's providing his expertise and knowledge in the form of engaging articles on various health & tech related topics.

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