How Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Practice

How Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Practice
Dr Josh January 6, 2022 Marketing

Pew Research Center considers Facebook to be the most popular social network in the United States, according to 69% of U.S adults. Facebook boasts 200 million users in the U.S alone, according to Statista. Such a widely popular social networking site is also an essential component of healthcare digital marketing, However, simply setting up a Facebook account is not enough, as a decline has been observed in its organic reach. Investment in medical ads is essential to reach the ideal target market. Facebook ads for dentists and doctors are highly cost-effective: the cost per click (CPC) of health care ads averages to approximately $1.32 per click, with an average conversion rate of 11%. This is a better average conversion rate when compared to the healthcare industry averages of Google Ads, which averages $2.62 per click with a conversion rate of 3.36%.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads management promotes ads and allows them to reach specific target markets based on demographic factors such as age, gender, geographical location, job titles, interests, and much more. Facebook advertising can be conveniently used to alter advertisements and campaigns to bring them at par with the specific objectives of a practice, which also includes the different marketing tunnel levels. Ads can be placed anywhere on the seven provided areas across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, depending upon marketing objectives.

How can Facebook Ads grow a medical practice?

Let us look into how Facebook ads can aid in growing a medical practice and how we can develop a suitable facebook healthcare ad.

1. Targeting the suitable market

A simple Facebook account is the first engagement and marketing strategy stage. A page with inconsistent content uploading patterns is worse than having no online presence at all. In contrast, a well-trafficked Facebook page with ample informative content can effectively augment loyalty and instantly connect a practice with patients.

However, even such a page does not do wonders in bringing people to your practice’s waiting room: the likes and comments you achieve there cannot be translated to new patients. Therefore, it is essential to invest in Facebook ads to target the right market for your medical practice. A well-structured Facebook healthcare ad can conveniently target a specific demographic area, making it a cost-effective strategy for getting new patients and retaining relationships with previous ones.

2. Facebook optimizes your ads for better organic reach

Facebook has evolved into an excellent advertising platform over the years and now provides its users with plenty of marketing options. Users can opt for either ads or marketing campaigns, and Facebook extends aid in this process by optimizing ads to produce the best-performing ones. This provides valuable information about the kind of advertising content and strategies that may work for your medical practice, thus promoting organic reach. Targeting advertising and tracking results on Facebook can seem to be an arduous task because of its extensive granularity at first, but is undoubtedly worth the hassle.

3. A/B Testing (Split Testing) to reach custom audiences

The facebook ads management works effectively in splitting test ads to various custom audiences distinguished by their age, locations, etc., within a single ad campaign. This allows you to work out which target audience works best for your dental or medical practice as it provides valuable data into each of your target demographics. Since Facebook is one of the top social networks with over 2.6 billion monthly active users, a number which is augmenting day by day, it is the most suitable platform for this endeavor. Not only can a practice get in touch with the vast array of Custom Audiences, but it can also take advantage of previous users.

4. Lead generation through creativity

Facebook ads management for dentists and doctors can quickly generate leads as Facebook has made the process of information submission by prospective customers child’s play. Users do not have to leave Facebook to submit forms and can easily request service information and even schedule appointments. The social site’s creative platform adds fuel to the fire by teleporting viewers to an immersive, app-like brand environment that tells an engaging story by showing content marketing pieces with enchanting visual or auditory aids.

How to develop a suitable Facebook ad for your Medical or Dental practice

Facebook has specific advertising policies that should be looked into before developing ads to avoid any restricted content sections. Facebook ads are an extension and a depiction of your medical practice, and they need to reflect that with a tone consistent with your service. Inconsistencies, irrelevant information, and inappropriate jokes should be restricted to your Facebook profile alone, as such ads seem unprofessional and uninviting. Putting some thought behind ads, shaping them to be creative and personalized, and staying on top of industry trends are essential elements in developing a suitable healthcare Facebook ad.

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