How Dental PPC & Google Ads Can Boost Your Practice ?

How Dental PPC & Google Ads Can Boost Your Practice ?
Dr Josh December 3, 2021 Marketing

Today’s digitalized world has long crossed the threshold of organic and simple Search Engine Optimization, especially in the healthcare sector. Healthcare Digital marketing in the dental industry now requires a holistic approach to attract clients and retain them, one of which is PPC for dentists. Unaware about the intricacies of dental google AdWords, dental PPC marketing, or how to devise attention-grabbing ads for dentists? You have come to the right place. Let’s dig in. 

What are Dental PPC and Google Ads For Dentists?

Dental PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising where marketers can place ads on ad platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Ad Roll, etc., and have to pay a price to the owners of these platforms every time a user clicks on one of their ads. Marketers can, therefore, buy visits to their site through this advertising model instead of earning them organically. 

Google ads are a type of search engine advertising and the most popular and rewarding form of PPC. Both PPC for dentists and Google ads work towards directing a prospective patient to a dentist’s website. 

Although a profitable marketing endeavor, PPC and Google ads require a strategic approach and extensive understanding of their intricacies to maximize their efficiency and get a fruitful return on investment. 

Why is Dental PPC Marketing a Significant Marketing Approach?

Digital marketing for doctors is essential nowadays. Dental marketing PPC is a rewarding marketing strategy if undertaken aptly. Competition comes hand in hand with business endeavors in every domain of life, no matter the scale. Dental offices and other small business endeavors are indulged in a competitive battle to attain potential customers, especially in today’s global age where mobile phone searches are higher than ever. Such a tug of war situation requires appropriately innovative measures to make your mark on your target audience. 

A presence within search engine result pages through means such as Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and Google ads is one significant shortcut in attaining prominence. Working towards and waiting for the long-term effects of search engine optimization is an extensive and arduous process that requires the utmost level of patience and persistence. Thus, boosting performance with such shortcuts is a commendable endeavor. 

What are the Features of Good PPC Campaigns and Ads for Dentists?

All rewarding ads in various domains of businesses have one thing in common; conciseness. The strongest card in an excellent dental PPC marketing campaign is extra emphasis on what sets them apart from others or their unique selling proposition (USP). Although a commonly overlooked perspective, the USP of a dental practice attracts customers like a magnet by openly asserting what makes a specific dental clinic the best. 

In the case of Google ads, a campaign is nothing if not well organized. An easy to comprehend campaign account births better tracking and reporting of results, less wastage of time in managerial propositions, and lower cost per click in bids. In addition, the use of appropriate keywords is a game-changing practice in the case of PPC campaigns and Google ads. 

It is crucial to inculcate the most interactive location-based and localized niche-based keywords to target just the right audience. It is essential to note that the job of an ad is not over once a user clicks on it but is instead the start of its function. An ad needs to be linked to a specifically designed website landing page that compels a user to utilize your service or schedule a dental appointment online. Failure to do so would topple over the fundamental objective of an ad and make its existence obsolete by making a user think it was a scam, exaggeration, or unprofessional platform. 

Can PPC and Ads for Dentists Boost Your Practice? 

Even a flawless dental clinic is of no use as long as people are unaware of its flawlessness and efficiency. Business growth requires an influx of traffic on an online medical website, and PPC can allow you to stand upright in competition with the dental clinics in your area. This is done when you take up the opportunity to use pay-per-click ads and outrank competing businesses by ranking in the paid sites of the search engine results page. 

Visibility on advertising networks can prove immensely valuable for brand recognition. A study conducted by Marketing Land and Vantage Local showed that the use of PPC as a marketing strategy elevated brand awareness of businesses by a whopping 63%. A boost in online reputation can augment offline ads with brand association and even holds the potential of kickstarting a dramatic increase in traffic, sometimes even up to 300%. 

Dental PPC is a much quicker method of generating leads than dental SEO. A PPC ad begins its function as soon as it is paid for and targets a larger audience than conventional media platforms such as print, radio, and television. Every dental practice, notwithstanding its standing, can benefit from this strategy due to its affordability; PPC and Google ads can cost even less than other forms of orthodox advertising. 

You can therefore market your practice almost immediately, even if you have a small budget. Apt use of dental Google AdWords can drive approximately a 30 to 35% increase in your business by directing users to a page designed specifically for attracting clients. Such a page must include a practice’s contact information and may contain testimonials, offers for new clients, or other forms of special marketing promotions. Studies show that people are 6-8% more likely to click on a PPC ad if it contains a phone number. You can geographically target dental Google ads to reach various zip codes and cities, thereby expanding your target audience.

Should You Opt for a Dental PPC Campaign?

Simply speaking, yes! An appropriate dental PPC campaign can metamorphose your dental practice by bringing it on the map. However, it is important to note that consistency, perseverance, and knowledge are the prerequisites to bearing the fruit of dental PPC and Google ads. If you do not consider yourself a specialist in this field, it is advisable to partner up with someone who is. 

Dr Josh

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