SmartClinix Holiday Offer

This Holiday Season, Get The Biggest Holiday Offer for Physicians. An offer of this magnitude is highly unlikely to happen again. So don’t miss it.

Start a virtual practice on CURA4U – The biggest healthcare marketplace

This Holiday Season, SmartClinix and CURA4U collaboration brings the biggest gifts for physicians.

If you were thinking about starting your virtual practice but couldn't do it for some reason, this is your chance.

Now you can start a full-fledged virtual practice on CURA4U, for Free.

To help you sustain and grow your virtual practice, SmartClinix will provide its feature-packed EMR, for Free.

You'll reach more patients, you'll network with fellow physicians, and grow your practice revenue.


This Holiday Season, Get Free EMR & Virtual Practice


Where Healthcare Becomes Accessible, Affordable, and Convenient.


CURA4U is the biggest healthcare marketplace for physicians and patients alike.

Numerous physicians, including specialists and primary physicians, are onboard CURA4U for virtual practice.

CURA4U has also partnered with ancillary service providers for discounted ancillary services. These are Quest Diagnostics, Green Imaging, Precision Imaging Centers – among many others.

Besides these, CURA4U is providing Wellness Packages, Corporate Packages, Home Diagnostic Kits, Online Pharmacy Services, and many more solutions.

A Breakdown of the Offer

This Holiday  offer has everything you need to grow your practice – both in terms of number of satisfied patients and revenue.

Build a Free Virtual Practice on CURA4U

Building a virtual practice can cost thousands of dollars. With this Holiday season offer, you'll get your virtual practice setup on CURA4U, for Free.

Feature-Packed SmartClinix EMR for Free

An EMR subscription can cost hundreds of dollars each month. With this offer, you'll get SmartClinix EMR, with all the necessary features, for Free.

Networking Opportunities with Physicians Nationwide

Huge networking opportunities with listed physicians. Both revenue and knowledge growth guaranteed.

Easy Referrals amongst listed Physicians

Refer your patients and get referrals from fellow physicians for continuous inflow of satisfied patients.

Discounted Ancillary Services – up to 80% discounts

Most of the vehicles get damaged just because of maintenance neglect you take

Offer has been Extended for a Limited Time

Don't miss this opportunity

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