Grow your practice with Free EMR & Practice listing on CURA4U

Grow your practice with Free EMR & Practice listing on CURA4U

The use of an Electronic Medical Record system is a game-changer for any medical practice. Not only does it aid in improving the landscape of a medical practice, but also proves beneficial for quality patient care. This digital data system has revolutionized medical practices, and the collaboration between SmartClinix and CURA4U this holiday season brings you the best gift for doctors: Free EMR and Virtual Practice Set­-up!

Why do you need EMR for your practice?

EMR is a digital data system designed to take your worries away by improving access to information and transforming the orthodox way of medical practice conductance. It is also a great tool to bring down the overall expenditure of a practice. A study published by the American Journal of Medicine corroborates this by showing the use of EMR to produce positive returns on financial investments. The use of EMR effectively improves and speeds up your practice, diminishes errors, and makes patient-care easy.

EMR services also pose unique benefits for physicians by removing the need of manually collecting, compiling, and providing information in the form of paper files. Furthermore, EMR systems can:

  • Aptly monitor conditions such as cholesterol levels, weight, and blood pressure of patients 
  • Better manage patients with chronic diseases
  • Allow physicians to track changes patients’ health over time
  • Prompt physicians to manage screening targets
  • Give reminders to update old screening and prevention methods 

But here’s the catch: using EMR systems is a costly process and has management expenses as well. Nothing to worry about, as SmartClinix, in collaboration with CURA4U, is providing free of cost integrated, seamless, easily accessible, compatible, and customized EMR with excellent pre-built templates. This efficiently designed Electronic Medical Record system is guaranteed to turn the circumstances around for your virtual practice with features that provide enhanced efficiency, improved productivity, augmented practice satisfaction, and elevated revenue growth. It also offers substantial networking opportunities with listed physicians from all around the nation, which guarantees both knowledge growth and revenue. Furthermore, you can not only refer your patients to listed physicians but also get referrals from fellow physicians to maintain a steady inflow of happy and content patients. 

Why choose SmartClinix and CURA4U?

The free cloud-based EMR system provided due to the collaboration of SmartClinix and CURA4U is customized to cater to your needs. It has numerous other distinguishing features such as HIPAA compliant telemedicine with all required aspects, paperless fax services providing security and convenience, custom membership plans to personalize direct care conveniently, and cloud-based technology ensuring enhanced privacy. The EMR system also provides patient lists, encrypted messaging, appointment scheduling, and calendars on a single practice management screen, along with a patient portal containing all necessary medical and billing records in one place. 

You can now say goodbye to long work hours and several administrative staff, as EMR brings you a customizable experience of e-charting, notes creation, and prescriptions, guaranteeing efficient workflow and increased productivity. Its skillfully organized dashboard with customizable templates provides easy access to everything a practice may need. 

Patients are the backbone of a medical service, and SmartClinix understands that like no other. Experts there have worked towards adding patient-friendly features into their EMR service so that you can provide your patients with seamless telemedicine services and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Not only do patients receive notifications of important upcoming events or updates, but they can also use real-time note sharing for an advanced telehealth experience. 

It is common for anything to sustain damage because of maintenance neglect. Still, SmartClinix takes away this worrisome aspect from your life by providing discounts of up to 80% on ancillary services. You can also order and track radiology, lab results, and other ancillary services with a few clicks. SmartClinix’s EMR saves time and energy with an intuitive telerounding feature and allows you to stay on top of your workload by managing tasks and also patients in readily accessible and separate lists. 

Benefits of CURA4U’s practice listing

Slight inconsistencies in practice listings, such as incorrect phone numbers or addresses, missing information, typos, presenting errors) can severely disrupt the search engine optimization (SEO) of a practice, thereby preventing prospective clients from getting to know their message. Therefore, accurate and consistent practice listing can serve as a big boost for your practice. Since practice listing is not easy on the pocket, CURA4U brings you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of free practice listing services that allow you to get the most out of your SEO and subsequently augment service promotion. You can operate and feature real-time updates with one entry and make your core services easy to find by prospective customers. You can benefit from all of this and much more by simply signing up on for the Biggest Holiday Offer for Physicians – Free of Cost!

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