Global Telehealth Services

From solo practice to the national level, SmartClinix is changing healthcare for the better on every level.

Global Telehealth Services in One Platform

In the aftermath of the pandemic, one thing has been made very clear: we ought to be ready for anything.
To do that, one needs a robust yet flexible medical system that can adapt to any given situation. At SmartClinix, we specialize in providing such an EMR system to our clients.
That’s why physicians, clinics, hospitals, and even national healthcare facilities prefer our global telehealth system. 

We focus on providing an all-in-one healthcare solution so you can get in touch with your patients seamlessly from anywhere in the world. With amazing connectivity, portals for e-prescription and much more.

Physicians and Clinics

Telehealth with SmartClnix will help maximize the efficacy of each consultation and minimize the stress associated with managing your practice


Make workflows efficient and reduce readmissions drastically with SmartClinix. We provide customization, so every aspect of our platform adapts to your specific requirements.

Global Patients

Make your practice global and transcend all physical boundaries with SmartClinix. We'll even help reach more patients with our practice growth services.

What is Global Telehealth

Modernization of medical care means that Global Telehealth has become all the more necessary. Global Telehealth is a service through which patients are able to have access to doctors/surgeons remotely anywhere in the world for their health related issues. This allows doctors to increase their revenue and patients to have access to them anytime they choose. This is done through a digital healthcare platform via video conference mostly

specialist doctor

Not sure?

If you’re unsure whether to get started with telehealth or join our affiliate program, let us know. We’re here to guide you to the best of our abilities and ensure that you get the most out of your choice.

What Doctors Say

What Doctors Say
"We needed a customizable telehealth system because we already had some of the components we were used to. SmartClinix proved to be that system. It was very affordable and they customized everything to fit our usage."
– Dr. Sani
"I was looking for an affordable system that provided all the features I needed. Luckily I found SmartClinix and discussed my requirements with one of their experts. They gave me a live demo and helped me make an informed decision. Now I’m using SmartClinix for almost all of my appointments."
– Dr. Daniel
"Every feature has been designed with care. I can feel that a real physician made the system, or at least had the last say in what goes where. I don’t have to work extra hard just to figure things out. It’s easy to use, has everything I need, and the best part, my patients also love using it."
– Dr. Saad

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