Five Ways To Increase Patient Volume With Telemedicine

Five Ways To Increase Patient Volume With Telemedicine
Dr Josh March 18, 2021 Telemedicine

The world of health care is ever-changing. It has to grow, expand and adapt in response to the changes in the world around it. In the context of the worldwide pandemic, it has become imperative for businesses to adapt and overcome in response to external stimulus.

Telemedicine has been brought into the mainstream by the pandemic. The use of technology has spawned new ways to grow businesses – one of which is expanding customer bases. Increasing patient volume with telemedicine is a nifty trick that will sustain your business for a long time to come.

How to Grow Your Online Clinic

There are five main ways in which you can increase patient volume with telehealth. Keeping technology and patients at the front and center, these include:

  1. Establishing a presence on social media
  2. Effectively communicating and engaging with patients using automated patient engagement programs
  3. Monitoring your online presence and cultivating positive reviews
  4. Increasing access to medical records
  5. Mobile compatibility

These have been discussed in further detail below.

1.    Increasing patient volume with Social Media

Social media is a crucial tenet of modern lives. On average, Americans look at their phones at least 52 times per day (Deloitte). Phones are the primary way in which people get their information, which is why it is essential to create a digital presence on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media platforms can be used to communicate necessary information about your practice to customers. They can also be used to market your services in an engaging manner.

Patients or potential customers who like the page on Facebook or share posts on Instagram make the business visible to people on their friend lists. This directs traffic to your social media page, which can then translate into online or offline visits to your practice.

In addition, it is vital to create a sleek, serious-minded, yet engaging profile that draws patients in. Sharing information, facts, and tips on blogs can also help with drawing in potential customers.

2.    Increasing patient volume with positive reviews

Reviews on the internet can make or break your business. Nowadays, when trying something new, people often turn to the internet to get a sense of what the business or practice is like. Thus, it is incredibly likely that patients will look up what other customers have to say about your practice.

Therefore, you must closely evaluate your online presence by paying close attention to your reviews. In case you have some negative reviews, it is best to reach out and show a willingness to rectify your mistakes rather than ignoring them. Take time to respond and engage; this will show your dedication.

On the other hand, encourage your long-time patients to share a review on social media. You can ask them for their feedback on your services and customer care. You can share links with them via social media, or send them a follow-up thank you email or ask them to do it at the end of their visit. Positive reviews have the power to draw in many new customers.

3.    Increasing Patient Volume with Automated Engagement

Using automated patient engagement programs to supplement telehealth can grow your customer base. Many patients forget their appointments or have difficulty navigating telehealth without assistance.

You can address these issues by sending out mass text messages to the patient population which explains their options in terms of telemedicine and how to access them. This can also address issues related to internet access, which is one of the causes of healthcare inequalities, as text messages do not need the internet to operate. In addition, you can enable customers by offering them an option to set up appointments with you through text messages or calls.

Furthermore, indicating that an appointment has been scheduled, sending an automated reminder, and following up with patients after their visits can also help grow and sustain your patient population.

4.    Increasing patient volume with transparency

Many patients do not have access to their medical records online. Increasingly, people have begun to take ownership of their records by tracking their personal health information themselves.

According to a survey conducted by Accenture, nearly 41% of people would be willing to change doctors in order to get access to their personal records (“More…Survey”). Having access to medical records makes patients much more mindful of their appointments and visits. They will be better equipped to manage their healthcare visits as well.

5.    Increasing patient volume with mobile compatible websites

As established before, the modern American turns to the smartphone for everything. Thus, it makes sense to grow your online clinic with a mobile-compatible website or application which allows your patients to peruse for information and self-schedule appointments when needed. This reduces the hassle of reaching for a laptop to schedule an appointment and even addresses patients with anxiety that may hesitate to call and make an appointment.

In addition, website FAQs and customer care helplines provide assistance to patients who may feel lost and address any gaps in information with ease.


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