What Is Endocrinology Patient Monitoring?

What Is Endocrinology Patient Monitoring?
Dr Josh September 15, 2022 Remote patient Monitoring

Endocrinology diseases are increasingly affecting the world’s population, particularly adults. Endocrine primarily deals with metabolic activities and hormones, so the field of endocrinology is concerned with hormonal imbalance and metabolic dysfunction. 

Among the patients of endocrinology, the majority suffer from diabetes. Therefore, endocrinology patients require a proper diet and the addition of physical activities to their lifestyle. However, regular monitoring of the blood sugar level of patients and its management are equally significant.   

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In the time of technological advancements, diabetes management through remote patient monitoring has made the life of patients very easy. Timely diagnosis and monitoring can save the life of patients with endocrinology. However, sudden high or low blood sugar levels are harmful. Using glucose monitoring devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM) assistance, you can establish an easy, worthy, and healthy lifestyle for your loved one. So, let’s dig down and see how endocrinology patient monitoring works and who are the best service providers.  

Endocrinology Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring provides telemedicine hardware and consultation solutions to endocrinology patients. The service providers for endocrinology patients consist of an expert team who stays in touch with patients and gives timely health updates. 

Moreover, through endocrinology remote patient monitoring, doctors can also get updates on sudden increases or drops in patients’ blood glucose levels. In diabetes Mellitus, blood glucose fluctuation is very prevalent. Patients with diabetes type 1 or type 2 can face life-threatening consequences due to fluctuations or dysfunctioning blood sugar levels in their bodies. Doctors can make changes to prescriptions and medication remotely without the hassle of in-person visits every other week or month. 

Diabetes Management through Remote Patient Monitoring

Diabetes management is carried out by introducing the patient to a remote endocrinology monitoring system. The service providers educate patients on how to use telemedicine technology, software, and devices to coordinate with their health consultants. As a result, patients can communicate with a team of diabetic experts while staying home. 

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Remote patient monitoring has been very effective for patients from outlying areas to whom access to doctors and hospitals is not very easy. These patients can register in diabetes management through a remote patient monitoring service program. 

The doctors keep checking the blood glucose level of their patients with the help of software. By doing so, they can better access the daily routine and health condition of their diabetic patients. Doctors get an update on the software whenever a patient checks their blood glucose level at different parts of the day. If doctors or experts observe any increase or drop in the patient’s blood glucose level, they can approach them and prescribe the relevant medicine. 

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Patients’ active role in engaging with diabetic management tools and technologies is vital. Metabolic activities are a great source of hormones and glucose from food sources. The glucose travels through the blood to the cells in our organs and produces energy. The lack of this efficient system by the body leads to diabetes in acute and chronic conditions.

For timely consultation and telemedicine, patients must stay active and engaged with their service providers’ software. In emergencies, it takes a lot of time for patients to reach hospitals for initial treatment. However, in remote patient monitoring (RPM), service providers have a team that is available 24/7 for patients. 

Remote patient monitoring solution enables patients with diabetes and other endocrine diseases to register for timely telemedicine and consultation. SmartClinix has a team of experts who provide 24/7 services to endocrine patients for regular consultation, patient monitoring, and emergencies. 

Types of Glucose Monitoring Devices

In endocrinology remote patient monitoring, two types of diabetes monitoring and management systems are very common:

  1. Blood glucose monitoring devices

To avoid any emergency or complications, diabetes patients must regularly test their blood sugar levels. Some patients are advised to do so before and after every meal. In remote patient monitoring, doctors update via software whenever patients check their blood glucose levels through test kits or devices. 

The devices capture the data and transfer it to the doctor’s profile. Doctors can then decide on the continuation or stoppage of medicines by using telehealth modes of communication. These glucose monitoring devices help patients by staying in contact with doctors. 

  1. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a new addition to remote diabetic management. Endocrinologists recommend these devices to patients with chronic diabetes. This latest system comprises small digital chips and devices. 

In endocrinology remote patient monitoring, endocrinologists attach these small chips to patients’ bodies. This chip provides continuous blood glucose level updates to the software. The device and software have indicators that provide alert signals whenever a patient’s blood sugar is relatively high or low.

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Notably, in the case of hyperglycemia, this device is very effective. The continuous update aids doctors in observing patients’ conditions, taking timely consultations, and tele-medication. Endocrinologists are better positioned to monitor patients’ glucose data and provide immediate medicine in case of emergency.

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