SmartClinix Providing EMR For Orthopedics

SmartClinix Providing EMR For Orthopedics

Today’s globalized world has long entered the age of revolution, and no orthopedics practice or healthcare provider offering orthopedic related services should have to put up with the wear and tear of the paper-based solution, or even a generic electronic health record application for the management of patient data, when the facility of Electronic Medical Record for Orthopedics is now conveniently available. 

An orthopedic practice management software holds innumerable benefits that not only enhance a medical practice’s standing but also significantly contribute to the quality of its services. Several healthcare providers are shifting to this innovative technology rapidly, one of which is SmartClinix, which offers one of the best EMR for orthopedics across the United States. 

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This article delves into EMR for orthopedics and provides you with all the information you should have on it. Let’s get started!

What is EMR for Orthopedics?

Orthopedics is a specialty of medicine that primarily revolves around imagery for diagnostic purposes and to monitor the pace of treatment procedures along with the results they bring about. Gone are the days when entire teams had to call the imaging department time and again to get a hold of the imaging pictures and scans that were crucial in making a diagnosis. An Electronic Medical Record system eliminates this hassle and waiting by providing exceptional tools that compile, save, and attach images to patients’ records automatically and seamlessly. 

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EMR for orthopedics eliminates the hindrance posed by late digital imaging of a patient in reaching a diagnosis by acting promptly, allowing medical professionals to address and treat an ailment by making an informed decision. This technology also plays a vital role in monitoring a patient’s recovery process. By providing exceptional ease of access to digital imagery, patients and medical practitioners can conveniently send details to other physicians to ask for their expertise or take a second opinion. 

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EMR for Orthopedics helps in specialty-specific requirements 

The specialty-specific requirements for orthopedics differ significantly from other medical practices, highlighting the significance and efficiency of using EMR software embedded with orthopedic patients in mind. Such applications aid greatly in orthopedic settings by consistently dealing with patients’ castings, surgeries, range of motions, and follow-up sessions that monitor their progress.  

Orthopedic practice management software extends aid in various functions ranging from diagnosis and treatment of muscle injuries to helping patients with spine, hip, torso, skull, body extremities, and shoulders complications. It also boosts the staff’s efficiency and expedites the workflow with their productivity tools. Since EMR software takes a significant burden off your staff’s shoulders, it leaves them more time to devote to actual patient care. This naturally translates to less utilization of staff resources, allowing you to grow your practice by seeing more patients a day. 

SmartClinix EMR

SmartClinix offers an innovative, seamless, and integrated EMR platform for all your practice’s needs. You can get a flawless practice experience with SmartClinix’s top-notch EMR specifically designed to be integrated into a medical practice. This cloud-based EMR for orthopedics is accessible from everywhere and compatible with every device so that it can play a significant role in augmenting your practice from anywhere, at any time. You can also customize it to your needs by using the efficient pre-built templates and receive a personalized and efficient EMR experience like never before. 

You can take a look at SmartClinix to explore the exceptional features offered by SmartClinix’s HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform and EMR. Some of these extraordinary features include paperless fax – for your security, convenience, and prompt information sharing, instant notifications – so that you get maximum output and fast responses, and membership plans – so that you get straightforward and personalized direct care with custom membership. 

SmartClinix’s innovative orthopedics management software also offers encrypted messaging, customizable calendars, arranged patient lists, and appointment scheduling, all on a single screen. Experts at SmartClinix care about your privacy and thus use cloud technology that ensures added privacy with no downtime. You can, therefore, share sensitive information like billing info and medical records with your patients any time of the day, without any hesitation or fear of privacy breaching. 

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SmartClinix’s EMR platform for orthopedics also offers notes creation, e-charting, prescriptions, and customizable templates to enhance productivity and ease things for you so that you can guarantee efficient workflow. All it takes is a few clicks, and you can benefit from the order and tracking of radiology, labs, and other ancillary services as well. 

By opting for SmartClinix’s ingenious EMR for orthopedics, you can save your energy spent on rounding with intuitive telerounding features and time by avoiding piles of paper and simplifying your claims and billing process. Excited to avail these amazing benefits? We are excited to have you on board as well!

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