SmartClinix EMR/EHR Software

An All-in-One Digital EMR Software for Hospitals & Clinics

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One EMR System for All Your Practice Needs

Integrated, Seamless EMR

Our top-of-the-line EMR is specifically designed to be integrated into your practice, so you get a seamless practice experience.

Accessible from Anywhere

Our cloud-based EMR is compatible with every device so you can use it to enhance your practice from anywhere, anytime.

Customize to Your Needs

Use our excellent pre-built templates. Or customize them to your needs for an efficient and personalized experience with our EMR system.

Our EMR Software Features


HIPAA compliant telemedicine with every feature you require.

Paperless Fax

Go paperless with your fax for convenient, secure, and fast information sharing.


Get instant notifications of everything for prompt responses and maximum output.

Membership Plans

Create custom membership plans for easy, personalized direct care.

Practice Management

Calendar, patient lists, encrypted messaging, and appointment scheduling on a single screen.


Cloud technology ensures no downtime with added privacy.

Patient Portal

Share info like medical records and billing info with your patients at any time.

e-Charting & Prescriptions

Experience simple charting, notes creation, and prescriptions.


Increase productivity with fully customizable templates.

Order Labs

Order and track results of labs, radiology, and other ancillary services with just a few clicks.

Improved Workflows

Physician and patient management within the facility guarantees efficient workflows.

Organized Dashboard

Easily access everything you need for your practice.


Save time and energy on rounding with an intuitive telerounding feature

Medical Billing

Avoid piles of paper and simplify your billing & claims process.

Create Favorites

Manage your most frequent tasks and patients in a separate, easily accessible list.

Every feature is vetted by physicians to ensure ease of use and efficiency in practice.

Frequently asked questions

We know you have a lot of questions regarding EMR. We’ll answer some of the most common ones here.
Our 360° EMR system is designed by physicians for physicians. We understand what fellow physicians require in an EMR system and we deliver exactly that, and nothing else. For example, accessing charts, ordering labs, tracking results, and sharing the results with patients – all of this is possible on a single screen with just a few clicks. With our EMR system, you’re guaranteed to improve your efficiency and productivity for enhanced practice satisfaction and revenue growth.
Patients are the core of any practice. If they’re satisfied, you’re guaranteed to see growth in your practice. So it’s only natural that you’d want the EMR system to be patient-friendly. With our EMR system, you can provide telemedicine services while communicating with them seamlessly. They get a bespoke patient portal with access to all the essential info and relevant notifications. Add to it the real-time notes sharing, and the telehealth experience becomes even finer.

Our EMR system is customized for various levels of practice. For example, we have an EMR system specifically designed for solo physicians while our customized solutions come with an EMR catered towards hospitals and other similar practices.
As per our prices, we have market-competitive rates with technical support. You can check our pricing here.

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Not Clear?

We understand if you’re not clear on everything. We’re here to help you sort everything out and make an informed decision that’s best for your practice.

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