SmartClinix Cloud Based EHR/EMR

Build a National Healthcare Platform

Governments can establish virtual healthcare platforms to guarantee an uptick in general public health. The platform is built on the SmartClinix system, and is white-labeled, making it easily recognizable by the public.

Online Booking for In-Office Visits

All in-office visits can be routed through a virtual platform to make appointment booking easy for patients.

Virtual Specialty Clinics

In rural areas where specialists aren’t locally available, virtual consultations can offer a good alternative.

Online Labs & Radiology Services

Patients can book these services online from a single platform to save time and energy

Home Monitoring Services

Chronic patients need continuous care, and solutions like Remote Patient Monitoring can help improve life expectancy in chronic care patients.

360° Virtual Care

Healthcare isn’t the same as it was a decade ago. People expect better, connected healthcare system that minimizes wait time and promotes better health.

SmartClinix can help Governments establish virtually interconnected healthcare system.

Such a system ensures:

  • Improved Public Health Outcomes
  • Increased Engagement with Health Initiatives
  • Better Management of Diseases on the National Level

Virtual Healthcare Ecosystems

For Improved Management & Care Delivery

Traditional care delivery methods are becoming obsolete, especially on a government level.

Virtualization can make the overall healthcare system of a nation efficient and more care-focused. From paperless record-keeping to online consultations, virtualization can prove to be extremely beneficial for the whole country.

Streamline Healthcare

Virtualization is the key to streamlining all the different aspects of a national healthcare system.

Decreases Overhead Costs

Increases Care Coverage

Reduces Physicians Burnout

Reduces Physicians Burnout

Empower Employment

Let our virtualization experts guide you through the complete process

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