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Smart Concierge Healthcare – Because You Deserve it

Add stability and convenience to your practice with annual subscriptions and a hybrid model.



Personalized Consultations

Patients expect a personalized experience when they consult a physician.  However, the large number of patients a physician must see has robbed them of this experience.

Smart Concierge Healthcare is the right solution for you and your patients. While you get stability in your practice and income, your patients get a more personalized experience.

Our convenient patient portal and customized telemedicine platform will ensure that your patients get the service they deserve.

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Regain Control

The race to get more patients can be toxic in the long run. You not only sacrifice your satisfaction, but you also damage the patient-doctor relation.

Smart Concierge Healthcare can help you regain control of your practice. You’ll see a limited number of patients, easily organize their consultations, and practice to the best of your abilities.

Our user-friendly task manager and inbox features will make it even easier to handle your practice so you could give your best where it’s needed most.


Smart Clinix – Your Concierge Partner

For your concierge healthcare service, you deserve an equally competent platform – and Smart Clinix provides you with that.

We have a multitude of relevant features to handle your annual subscription plans, and ideal methods to combine cash and insurance for a true hybrid model.


So if you’re looking to start your concierge service, Smart Clinix is the right choice.

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Ready to transform your practise?

Request a product demo with an EHR Specialist today


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