Best Holistic Billing Services In US

Best Holistic Billing Services In US
Dr Josh December 1, 2021 medical billing

Today’s digitalized world has birthed unimaginable developments in all scopes of life, especially healthcare. Automated and mechanized healthcare with portals possessing all the information a patient or doctor can need is available, which has led to an inevitable demand for holistic billing services. Holistic medical services and medical billing for that very holistic care is the talk of the town, and most healthcare providers are striving to enjoy the benefits of this digitalization. SmartClinix is one such company at the top of the list and provides exceptional holistic billing services. 

Features of a Good Holistic Billing Company

The topography of billing underwent a change since 1st October 2016 with the introduction of new coding rules and regulations. We live in a world of ICD-10, which ascertains specific improvised rules and regulations to be followed by every billing company lest they face the music. The implementation of these rules is the prerequisite of a good holistic care billing service. 

Medical billing for holistic care comes with specific benchmarks which are impossible to achieve without appropriate staff training and education. A lack of investment in this arena is the primary reason behind the pitfall of a majority of companies. Smoothly running administrative tasks are the backbone of an efficient and set to succeed holistic billing service. Extra emphasis on specific coding and billing to prevent resubmission of ambiguous files, keeping an eye out for any disastrous trends, utilizing updated resources, and using an updated set of technological tools are the hallmarks of efficient holistic billing services. Many services conforming to these standards are available in the United States, such as SmartClinix. Let us take a look at some of them. 


SmartClinix has gathered commendable fame in the healthcare sector which owes to its flawless holistic management and healthcare services. They provide patients with the facility of superbill creation along with comprehensive information on their portal and information desk regarding eligibility, deductibles, and co-payments. Users can easily submit claims and even check the status of their submitted claims via this platform. Insurance verification does not pose a complication at SmartClinix and can be undertaken smoothly.  


CureMD is a quite popular holistic billing service in the United States with an immensely user-friendly and easy to manage software. They offer customization on the part of the user and specialty-specific services which bring great facilitation and ease. Their billing and coding services cater to clients and efficiently relieve staff of repetitive tasks thereby freeing them for other significant endeavors. A devoted billing manager, as well as an implementation manager, comes hand in hand with their revenue cycle management and aids clients in any ambiguities they might have. Clients can also take advantage of the performance dashboard which contains revenue collection and statistics related to A/R periods. This also helps their physicians in skimming through the working of their practice without indulging in the intricacies of accounting. 


Athena health is one of the oldest billing companies in the United States with a relatively complex system comprising many changes of screens. However, it is a great fit for larger practices just like its own. The enormity of Athena’s practice calls for various steps in the documentation of a patient’s clinical encounter, which is usually not the case in smaller practices. Their software for medical billing services is workable and undoubtedly a good choice. Their billing service charges either a percentage of annual collections or a flat rate per provider, depending upon which one is greater. 


Kareo is one of the most significant emerging holistic billing services in the United States gaining the spotlight with its incredible billing support staff and system. Kareo puts in additional time and efforts to ensure client payments via consistently conducted sessions. Experts make sure their service is up to date with payer payment charges and is free of any claims of errors. They continuously work towards improving methods of holistic billing and payments to not only reduce the denial rate but also fix any errors that may decelerate payment. The company also boasts an efficient system of patient statements delivery via regular mail or email and provides round-the-clock customer support. 

Should You Go For Medical Billing For Holistic Services?

One word, a straightforward answer: Yes! Medical billing for holistic services is the perfect alternative for tenuous and relatively expensive medical billing. Head over to SmartClinix’s website right now to get a better insight into this domain, where experts are well versed and well trained in satisfying your needs!

Dr Josh

Dr. Josh is a physician who's helping spread the knowledge about Telehealth and its advantages. At SmartClinix, he's providing his expertise and knowledge in the form of engaging articles on various health & tech related topics.

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