Best Gift for Doctors: Get Free EMR & Virtual Practice

Best Gift for Doctors: Get Free EMR & Virtual Practice

Starting a virtual practice is not an easy endeavor. A number of hurdles block a doctor’s efforts for a successful virtual practice. SmartClinix has collaborated with CURA4U this holiday season to bring the most significant gift for physicians and doctors: Free EMR and virtual practice!

If you are one of the individuals thinking about starting a virtual practice but haven’t yet, this chance is for you! You can start a comprehensive virtual practice on CURA4U for free. In addition, SmartClinix has provided its feature-packed EMR to aid you in sustaining and growing your virtual practice, that too for free! SmartClinix aims towards promoting your practice, enabling you to network with a wide array of fellow physicians, reach out to several new patients, retain previous ones, and ultimately, significantly add to your practice revenue. 

What is CURA4U?

CURA4U is one of the biggest healthcare marketplaces for both patients and physicians and bases its services on the motto of providing healthcare in an accessible, affordable, and convenient way. Its virtual practice is one of a kind and is quite the talk of the town amongst physicians, primary specialists, and medical specialists alike. All well-informed healthcare professionals strive to be a part of its virtual practice. Because of its partnership with SmartClinix, all of them can utilize its benefits this holiday season. CURA4U also has partnerships with ancillary service providers for discounts on its various and up to the mark ancillary services, including Green Imaging, Precision Imaging Centers, Quest Diagnostics, and many more.

But that is not all CURA4U provides; it is also well known for its Wellness Packages, Corporate Packages, Online Pharmacy Services, Home Diagnostic Kits, and a number of other solutions. 

What does this offer with the collaboration of CURA4U and SmartClinix entail?

Let’s look at what the free EMR and virtual practice offer provided by collaboration between SmartClinix and CURA4U in this holiday season include.

This holiday offer includes all the elements that a medical specialist or physician may need to start or grow a practice, not only in terms of revenue but also the number of new patients and the ratio of satisfied ones. 

Build a virtual practice on CURA4U, all for free!

Building a virtual practice from scratch requires a great deal of effort and financial means and is a timely and painstaking process. The American Medical Association suggests that medical professionals thinking about starting a virtual practice need to acquire necessary guidance on the rules and regulations regarding virtual healthcare in a practice from professional associations. These laws usually include consent and security: things you do not need to worry about at CURA4U and SmartClinix.

Starting a virtual service requires medical professionals to set up a team for the implementation of virtual services, which holds utmost significance in the smooth administrative working of a medical practice. Virtual practices have policies covering virtual care, and thus medical specialists and doctors require checking with malpractice insurance carriers to see whether their practice policy covers virtual care. Another hassle in starting a virtual practice from scratch is familiarizing yourself with the policy guidelines and payment procedures that apply to virtual medical practices. This process typically results in the deviation of attention of doctors and physicians from the quality of medical services to financial projections, which plays a negative role in the working of a virtual practice.

Starting a virtual healthcare practice at CURA4U frees you from all such hassles and provides you with an efficient platform built to satisfy all your needs. Gone are the days when starting a virtual practice required thousands of dollars. All you need to do this holiday season is sign up with CURA4U or at to avail this glorious opportunity and receive the best Christmas gift of all! 

Avail SmartClinix’s free and feature-packed EMR, built just for you!

Getting an EMR subscription is not light on the pocket: it eats up thousands of dollars per month! And that is not all; an EMR subscription comes with various hidden and recurrent costs in addition to the daunting upfront ones. SmartClinix frees you from the financial restraints of getting an Electronic Medical Record subscription by providing you with a personalized and feature-packed one for free!

SmartClinix’s 360° EMR system is the only one designed by physicians for physicians. Physicians at SmartClinix realize the needs of their fellow physicians and deliver nothing less than that. Their innovative dashboard provides a single platform for a variety of tasks such as ordering labs, tracking results, accessing charts, sharing results with patients, and much more.

You can avail these benefits and many more at, and all for free! Head over to the website right now to sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and if you do not have a virtual medical practice, get a free one now! Let the collaboration between SmartClinix and CURA4U change the face of your virtual medical practice with this fantastic holiday gift!

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