Top 6 Best EMR for Urgent Care (2024)

Top 6 Best EMR for Urgent Care (2024)

The demand for reliable and EMR systems is on the rise, especially in the fast-paced environment of urgent care facilities. Factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities, and customer support play a pivotal role in selecting the right one.

As technology continues to evolve, hospitals and clinics that cater to urgent care need EMR systems designed specifically for them. We took the liberty of providing the best ones in 2024 below:

Top 6 Best EMR for Urgent Care (2024)

  • SmartClinix
  • eclinicalWorks
  • Athenahealth
  • PrognoCIS
  • DrChrono
  • Healthfusions


A product of ATP, SmartClinix is a HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platform that provides robust support to hospitals/clinics with Urgent Care needs. Boasting a variety of features, SmartClinix prides itself on being an ‘all in one’ healthcare solution for EVERYONE. 

With affordability at the forefront (starting at just $49), SmartClinix also provides total and complete support for all urgent care CPT codes with its medical billing software integration. Allowing busy hospitals to focus fully on patient care and letting the EMR handle the rest.

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One of the biggest problem urgent care units have is accessing an EMR on their busy schedule, but not to worry, SmartClinix is a web based EMR that is accessible anywhere on your mobile devices with secure messaging. We also provide mobile applications for both Android and iOS so you can access SmartClinix on the go. 

It seamlessly integrates with other systems and software commonly used in urgent care settings, such as billing systems, lab interfaces, and imaging systems. 

We offer patient engagement tools such as online appointment scheduling (Google Calendar), secure messaging, and patient portals, empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare journey and enhancing communication between patients and providers.

SmartClinix offers customization options tailored specifically for urgent care settings. This allows healthcare providers to adapt the software to their workflow, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in patient care.

All this and more in an affordable package that is the perfect EMR for cash-based practices as well as large scale hospitals alike.


eClinicalWorks has earned its reputation as one of the most affordable EMRs in the market, and it continues to indulge that aspect for Urgent Care centers and units alike. 

With an easy to use interface, amazing patient portal and a robust revenue cycle management which is key to any EMR focusing on Urgent Care, eClinicalWorks takes the second spot here. 

Similar to SmartClinix, eClinicalWorks offers customization options tailored to urgent care settings. Healthcare providers can configure the system to align with their specific workflows and preferences, optimizing productivity and patient care delivery.

The few drawbacks exist in the response time of the EMR as its known to be slow and clunky at times but its the best option on the market that showcases ease of use and affordability as its main attraction. 

Compare eClinicalWorks with SmartClinix


Athenahealth is recognized for its comprehensive suite of features, user-friendly interface, interoperability, and commitment to optimizing both clinical and operational aspects of urgent care practice. 

By leveraging Athenahealth’s EMR solution, urgent care providers can enhance patient care delivery, improve practice efficiency, and achieve better outcomes.

Like SmartClinix, Athenahealth also provides a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere with no issues. 

The interface itself may take some getting used to, but its functionality of seamless integration with other healthcare providers, laboratories, pharmacies, and health information exchanges (HIEs) is unbeatable.

In response to the growing demand for telehealth services, Athenahealth (and SmartClinix) offers telehealth integration capabilities, allowing healthcare providers to conduct virtual visits with patients securely. This feature expands access to care, improves patient convenience, and supports continuity of care.

The Cons exist in the affordability of the EMR as a simple integration would cost you north of 2000+ and you’d also need a representative to help you navigate the system initially. 


What sold us PrognoCIS as an EMR for urgent care is their templates. Although SmartClinix provides them as well, PrognoCIS provides specifically designed ones made for urgent care clinics and hospitals making it easier to efficiently capture relevant patient information during time-sensitive visits.

The EMR is hosted so provides a seamless access to its many features ranging from easy accessibility to billing and management work all in one go. Although it doesn’t provide a scheduling feature, It does provide ease telemedicine for doctors looking to increase their revenues virtually.

The Con? Perhaps the customer service isn’t as exceptional as you’d expect from an Urgent Care EMR and the lack of scheduling and a dedicated mobile app makes things harder but other than that, a solid option for instant care.

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DrChrono is recognized for its robust features, intuitive interface, interoperability, and support for telemedicine, making it a highly effective EMR solution for urgent care providers

With amazing Security Detail, Mobile Accessibility and amazing Billing Cycle Management, the EMR provides a 360 service for Urgent Care needs at moderate costs (the one drawback).

Its intuitive and user-friendly interface enables healthcare providers to navigate through patient records, document encounters, and access essential information with ease. This intuitive design minimizes training time for staff and promotes user adoption, enhancing overall efficiency.

DrChrono provides specialized workflows and templates designed specifically for urgent care encounters. These customizable templates streamline documentation processes, allowing healthcare providers to efficiently capture relevant patient information during time-sensitive visits.

HealthFusion by NextGen

With the promise of an easy to use interface and sustainability, Healthfusions by NextGen Healthcare provides the perfect partner for your EMR needs. It’s highly effective for urgent care providers due to its specialized features, intuitive interface, interoperability, and support for telemedicine. 

As we mentioned, the interface is one of the best we’ve seen and as with SmartClinix, Healthfusion also eases the use reduces training time for staff and fosters user adoption, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency.

The platform facilitates comprehensive clinical documentation, enabling healthcare providers to capture detailed patient information such as medical history, vitals, allergies, medications, and treatment plans. This thorough documentation supports accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

There have been complaints of the product itself being a bit clunky with lagged response times but other than that, its a great option to have for clinics that have just started out. 

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Integrating Billing and Coding Functions in EMR/EHR for Urgent Care

Efficient billing and coding functions are essential for the financial success of urgent care facilities. Integrating these functions within the EMR/EHR system can streamline the revenue cycle management process and ensure accurate reimbursement.

By SmartClinix  an EMR/EHR system that seamlessly integrates billing and coding, urgent care centers can eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and reduce the risk of errors. This integration allows coding professionals to access patient charts directly, ensuring appropriate code selection and maximizing reimbursement.

Additionally, integrating billing functions within the EMR/EHR enables real-time eligibility verification and claims submission. This efficiency not only accelerates the reimbursement process but also reduces claim denials and improves cash flow for the urgent care facility.

Moreover, the integration of billing and coding functions in the EMR/EHR software offers comprehensive reporting capabilities. This means that urgent care facilities can generate detailed financial reports, track key performance indicators, and analyze revenue trends with ease. These reports provide valuable insights for decision-making and strategic planning to optimize the financial health of the facility.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of billing and coding within the EMR/EHR system enhances compliance with regulatory requirements. By automatically applying the latest coding updates and billing rules, urgent care centers can ensure adherence to industry standards and minimize the risk of audits or penalties.

Key Features Urgent Care Clinics Need to Look for in an EHR System

When selecting an EHR system for your small or medium-sized practice, it’s crucial to consider the key features that will truly benefit your workflow and patient care. Here are a few essential features to look for:

    • Intuitive User Interface: The system should be easy to navigate and use, minimizing the learning curve for your staff.

    • Customization Options: Look for a system that allows you to tailor templates and workflows to your practice’s specific needs.

    • Interoperability: Ensure that the EHR system can integrate with other systems in your practice, such as billing software or laboratory interfaces.

    • Clinical Decision Support: A robust EHR system should provide real-time alerts, reminders, and guidelines to aid in clinical decision-making.

    • Security and Compliance: Protecting patient data is of utmost importance. Look for systems that meet industry standards for security and compliance, such as HIPAA.

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