Top 5 Best EMR for Cash-Based Practice (2024)

Top 5 Best EMR for Cash-Based Practice (2024)

Cash-based practices, also known as fee-for-service practices, are healthcare providers that do not rely on insurance reimbursements. Instead, they charge patients directly for their services. This model offers several advantages, including increased control over pricing, reduced administrative burden, and the ability to provide personalized care. However, managing the financial aspects of a cash-based practice can be challenging without the right tools in place.

One of the key tools that cash-based practices need is an EMR system. An EMR system allows healthcare providers to store, manage, and access patient records electronically. It also facilitates billing, invoicing, and payment processing. Choosing the best EMR system for a cash-based practice is essential to ensure efficient financial management and smooth operations.

Top 5 Best EMR for Cash-Based Practice in 2024

  • SmartClinix
  • Kareo
  • NextGen
  • DrChrono
  • Athenahealth

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Being a fully HIPAA Compliant Platform, SmartClinix has focused extensively on making large scale patient care affordable, customizable and reliable with its cloud-based EHR digitally available on all platforms making cash-based practices a forefront of our care. 

Customization is what makes SmartClinix the perfect choice when it comes to small practices that have just started out. 

With a variety of different payment option features that facilitate easy invoicing, payment tracking, and processing can significantly reduce administrative workload. Along with an easy to use application available for both Android and iOS for physicians and patients alike, SmartClinix is the perfect healthcare partner for you

Its important that we adhere to all legal pain management regulations, and its why we’ve partnered with Cura4U which allows allows healthcare providers to access patient prescription history and ensure safe prescribing practices.

The EMR also provides an easy to use interface that has everything you would need to run your practice instantly. From scheduling telemedicine appointments to medical billing services, SmartClinix provides It all in one affordable package. 

SmartClinix also integrates seamlessly with other applications. This makes it an attractive offer If you’ve just started out and need all the EMR/EHR perks in one go. It also provides an affordable remote patient monitoring addon to its EMR, where you can manage your patients and their vitals from the comfort of your home. 

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With secure data, customizable pricing, unmatched security for your data and easy integration with financial softwares (reach out to us for which are possible), we’ve created SmartClinix to be the perfect EMR for Cash-Based practices that have just started out, achieving the work of an entire team in one easy to use package.


Being one of the most well known names in the industry, Kareo is a reliable system that makes management easier for cash based operations.

  • Designed for Independent Practices: Tailored solutions for smaller, independent providers ensure a better fit for cash-based operations​​.
  • Integrated Billing and Practice Management: Streamlined billing features are ideal for cash-based practices that handle transactions directly with patients​​.
  • Competitive Pricing Structure: With pricing starting at $80/user/month, it offers a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized practices​​.

When It comes to cons, the platform is a bit difficult to learn and although there is support available for you to learn it easily, its response time could be improved. So If you have the time to learn it, Kareo is a great EMR to turn to

NextGen Healthcare

Although mostly focusing on ambulatory care provider, NextGen is an amazingly simple EMR to help. 


  • Tailored for Ambulatory Care Settings: NextGen is specifically designed to meet the needs of outpatient care, making it a solid choice for cash-based practices focusing on ambulatory services.
  • Comprehensive Suite of Solutions: Offers a robust set of features including appointment scheduling, medical billing, electronic health records, and a patient portal, which can improve patient care and boost productivity.
  • Important Integrations: With integrations like lab management systems and electronic prescription services, it streamlines clinical workflows effectively


  • High Starting Price: With pricing starting from $199/user/month, it might be expensive for smaller practices or those just starting out.
  • Steep Learning Curve: The breadth of features offered by NextGen means that there can be a significant learning curve, requiring time and potentially training to navigate efficiently.
  • Complex Customization: Tailoring the system to specific practice needs without sufficient technical expertise might be challenging due to its complexity



  • Superior Mobile App: DrChrono is renowned for its mobile app, which is considered one of the best in the market for EMR management on iOS devices. This feature is particularly beneficial for cash-based practices that value flexibility and the ability to manage patient records, billing, and scheduling on the go​​.
  • Comprehensive Features on Mobile: The app integrates various functionalities like EMR access, practice management, billing, patient portals, and telehealth services, making it an all-in-one solution for practices looking to streamline their operations efficiently​​.
  • Proven at Scale: With millions of patients being managed using DrChrono, it demonstrates the platform’s capability to handle a high volume of patient data and interactions effectively​​.


  • Limited to iOS Devices: The major downside of DrChrono is its availability exclusively on iOS, limiting its use to only Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. This could be a significant limitation for practices or providers that use Android or other platforms
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Balancing simplicity, cost effectiveness and ease of access makes Athenahealth a must on our list of best emr for cash based practices. Here are the pros and cons for the EMR.


  • Ease of Use: Highly intuitive and easy to learn, making it a great choice for small to average-sized practices that prioritize usability.
  • Web-Based: Compatible with many kinds of devices, offering flexibility for practices.


  • Not Ideal for Large Practices: Its features and capabilities may not meet the demands of larger operations.
  • Security Measures: Being web-based, it requires strict access security measures to protect patient data.

Criteria for Selecting the Best EMR for Cash-Based Practices

When selecting an EMR system for a cash-based practice, there are several important criteria to consider:

  1. Customizable payment options and invoicing features: The EMR system should allow for flexible payment options, such as credit card processing, online payments, and payment plans. It should also have robust invoicing features that enable easy generation and tracking of invoices.

  2. Integration with accounting software: Seamless integration with accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Xero, is crucial for efficient financial management. This integration allows for automatic syncing of financial data, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.

  3. HIPAA compliance and data security measures: As healthcare providers, cash-based practices must prioritize patient data security. The chosen EMR system should comply with HIPAA regulations and have robust data security measures in place to protect patient information.

  4. User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation: The EMR system should have a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation to ensure ease of use for healthcare providers and staff. This will minimize training time and maximize productivity.

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